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This is a transcript for dialogue with Child (Fallout 76).


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 00568E5D 00568E62 GREETING Please give me back Lucy's toy.
2 00568E5A 00568E60 Give Toy Thank you. I want to keep this to remember Lucy by. This toy was her favorite. You can have this instead. It was her second favorite.
3 00568E58 00568E5E No kid, this is mine now... Oh please, I really wanted something to remember my Lucy by...

4 00568E5C 00568E5F Idle Chatter Hey, don't take Lucy's toy! Well, I guess she doesn't really need it anymore...
5 00568E5D 00568E61 Idle Chatter I'm really going to miss my Lucy. Stupid Mole Rat.
6 00568E63 I'm really going to miss her.
7 00568E64 My poor kitty.
8 00568E65 *Sniffling*
9 00568E66 Thank you.
10 0056F06D *Crying*
11 0057387D My poor Lucy! She was my best friend.
12 0057387F Why would they steal from poor Lucy?
13 00573881 Why would you steal her toy?
14 00573882 You monster!
15 00573884 I won't ever forget her.