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Strike it rich or die trying! It's a miner's life for me.

Lucky Strike is a repeatable quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

  • Possess either a miner's map, excavator's map, or prospector's map.
  • Access the Pip-Boy, browse through the Notes section, and press the Inspect button.
  • Afterwards a message box shows up prompting the player to confirm usage; confirmation will identify the dig site and remove the map from the inventory.
  • A small area in the Ash Heap gets highlighted on the world map.
  • Arrive at the location, look for a medium-sized dirt mound on the ground, and interact with it.
  • This will complete the quest give random metal scrap and other items.

Detailed walkthrough

To start the quest, the player needs to be in possession of either a miner's map, excavator's map, or prospector's map, all of which can be purchased from any U-Mine-It! vending machine. The next step involves accessing the Pip-Boy, browsing through the Notes section until finding the map in question, and pressing the Inspect button, after which a message box shows, prompting the player to confirm that they wish to identify the dig site.

Identifying the dig site starts the quest and results in the map being removed from the inventory. A small area in the Ash Heap gets highlighted on the world map, the location is randomly chosen from a pre-determined pool of possible locations. Once the player arrives at the location, they need to look for a medium-sized dirt mound on the ground, which can be difficult to spot, as it blends with the surrounding dark rock scenery.

To finish the quest, simply interact with the dirt mound, no special equipment (such as a shovel or pickaxe) is required for this. Note that finding the interaction prompt can be difficult sometimes, crouching usually helps. Once the lump is interacted with, the quest completes, awarding XP, caps, and metal scrap (including lead, concrete, black titanium, gold, and aluminum).

Named locations

There are 18 named dig sites that can be excavated.

Reference ID
Image Location
Dig Site_Abandoned Mine shaft 1


Next to the red fork-lift east of the Quonset hut.
Dig Site_Abandoned Mine shaft 4


Slightly southwest of the large warehouse, below a small ridge.
Dig Site_Abandoned Mine shaft 5


Slightly southwest of the Quonset hut, barely up the hill next to several rock slabs, but before the large shrubs.
Dig Site_AMS Testing site


A little ways directly south of the large warehouse, between two medium sized rocks.
Dig Site_Belching Betty


Southeast of the lone building holding Bernie, between the rusted truck and a small active fire.
Dig Site_Big Bend Tunnel campsite 1


Southeast of the campsite beside several rocks and a tall tree.
Dig Site_Big Bend Tunnel campsite 2


Over the hill northwest of the campsite, under the lip of a ledge, next to a broken stump before the Lewisburg water tower.
Dig Site_The Burning mine 1


On top of the hill, near the building holding a power armor station, beside a few rocks and a danger cliff edge sign.
Dig Site_The Burning mine 2


Up the small embankment north of the previously mentioned power armor building (see Dig Site_The Burning mine 2), surrounded by several rocks, shrubs, and one broken tree stump.
Dig Site_The Burning mine 3


Partially up the large actively burning hill, west of the lone staircase, next to a single scorched tree.
Dig Site_The Burning mine 4


Slightly northwest of the previous dig site (see Dig Site_The Burning mine 3), hidden by multiple large brown shrubs. (The desired cluster of shrubs is the farthest left and closest to the cliffside).
Dig Site_The Burning mine 5


In front of the entrance to the mine, surrounded by two destroyed off-road vehicles and a large fallen scorched tree.
Dig Site_Hornwright Air Purifier site #02


Immediately below the cliff, north of the building beside the road.
Dig Site_Mount Blair


Near the red and white satellite tower found in the northeastern part of the dig site; below some telephone wires going down the hill.
Dig Site_Mount Blair trainyard 1


Northeast of the complex, halfway up the hill past a red cargo container holding multiple wooden crates.
Dig Site_Mount Blair trainyard 2


On the southwestern most part of the complex, partially up the hill next to a small warehouse and an iron archway.
Dig Site_Red Rocket Filling station


Northwest of the buildings on the end of a ridge that has two motorcycles below it.
Dig Site_Rollins Labor camp


On a hill past the southwestern most telephone pole, just outside of the camp.

Wilderness locations

There are 30 wilderness dig sites that can be excavated.

Reference ID
Image Location
Dig Site01 [Non-game 1]
Northeast of Nicholson's End going towards Welch, just below a medium sized ledge surrounded by multiple brown shrubs and a very tall brown pine tree.
Dig Site02 [Non-game 1]
East of Abandoned mine shaft 4, up the hill next to a small barren shrub and active smoke stack.
Dig Site03 [Non-game 1]
Directly north of Welch, in a small hole past the train tracks but before two large barren trees.
Dig Site04 [Non-game 1]
Northeast of Hornwright testing site #2, partially down a medium sized hill next to the dirt path and two large brown shrubs.
Dig Site05 [Non-game 1]
Straight north of AMS testing site, past the red crane, hidden by several shrubs just ahead.
Dig Site06 [Non-game 1]
Halfway between AMS testing site and the Sludge Works, by a smelting cauldron and a blighted tree.
Dig Site07 [Non-game 1]
North of Garrahan Estate, down the hill a ways, past several broken trees and just in front of a mothman cultist totem.
Dig Site08 [Non-game 1]
East of the Unfinished mansion, surrounded by multiple medium sized white rock and fallen trees.
Dig Site09 [Non-game 1]
Straight north of Hornwright Estate, down the cliffside behind a uprooted tree next to a brown shrub.
Dig Site10 [Non-game 1]
West of Monongah power substation MZ-03, on the left side of the road down a dirt path leading to a rusted off-road vehicle.
Dig Site11 [Non-game 2]
Southeast of Lewisburg Station, past the train tracks, between a medium sized ledge and a lumbar pile. (Lake Reynolds is very close to the mound).
Dig Site12 [Non-game 2]
Halfway down the steep hill west of Pleasant Hills Cemetery, just below a small ledge with a large white barren shrub and a small orange shrub resting on top. (Hornwright air purifier site 02 and a medium sized billboard should be in view).
Dig Site13 [Non-game 2]
Behind the middle yellow detached garage on the west side of Lewisburg, next to an uprooted tree and touching a medium sized brown shrub.
Dig Site14 [Non-game 2]
Northwest of the red fire truck stationed outside of Lewisburg, between a tall brown shrub and a wide orange shrub.
Dig Site15 [Non-game 2]
Directly underneath a Pick-R-Up billboard sign, by a partial submerged metal shack, west of Lewisburg.
Dig Site16 [Non-game 2]
On the large hill west of Hornwright air purifier site 02, past the route 93 sign, surrounded by medium sized brown shrubs.
Dig Site17 [Non-game 2]
Halfway between Red Rocket filling station and Rollins labor camp, on the bottom of a small hill with two fallen telephone poles nearby. (The Red Rocket station can be seen to the southwest and the labor camp to the northeast).
Dig Site18 [Non-game 2]
Northeast of Red Rocket filling station between a medium sized ledge and hill with a red shrub on top. (Train tracks can be seen just ahead, as well as a fence and lumber stack).
Dig Site19 [Non-game 2]
Not to far northwest of the previous dig site (see Dig Site18), beside a downed blue biplane, with a medium-sized pond nearby.
Dig Site20 [Non-game 2]
On the third hill a little northwest of Rollins labor camp, a rusted guardrail is below the mound with a large brown shrub behind it.
Dig Site21 [Non-game 3]
South of Abandoned mine site Kittery, partially up the third hill going to Mount Blair, a red dump truck and a black haul truck can be seen to the northwest.
Dig Site22 [Non-game 3]
On top of a lone hill east of Abandoned mine shaft 6. A ventilation shaft and industrial equipment is seen on the north side of the hill, with a red and white satellite tower and building to the east.
Dig Site23 [Non-game 3]
A little north of the red fire truck found on the eastern most side of Mount Blair, a caution falling rocks sign is very close to the mound.
Dig Site24 [Non-game 3]
West of the abandoned mine site Kittery going towards Mount Blair, on the fourth hill against a medium sized ledge, with several orange shrubs in front of it.
Dig Site25 [Non-game 3]
West of The Rusty Pick, surrounded by a ton of large orange shrubs hugging a rusted guardrail and a pile of large rocks.
Dig Site26 [Non-game 3]
Barely northeast of Relay tower HG-B7-09, a little down the hill, with multiple large brown shrubs to the left and medium sized rocks to the right.
Dig Site27 [Non-game 3]
A short ways northwest Relay tower HG-B7-09, below a large cliffside that is surrounded by small to large sized brown shrubs with a broken tree stump.
Dig Site28 [Non-game 3]
Straight west of Abandoned mine shaft 5, under the mountainside, with several massive rock slabs next to it.
Dig Site29 [Non-game 3]
Southwest of Relay tower HG-B7-09, just below a medium sized cliff, that has a tree with multiple rusty can chimes hanging from it. The Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant should be within view.
Dig Site30 [Non-game 3]
Up the hill and directly south from the previously mentioned tree with multiple hanging rusty can chimes (see Dig Site29); the mound is in front of a large boulder and a tree that splits in half.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Find and excavate the Dig Site at {Dig Location}I've purchased a map from a "U-Mine-It!" Machine leading to a nearby prospecting site. I should proceed to the site to discover if my purchase was worthwhile.
?Quest finished(Quest completed)I've successfully mined the site indicated on the "U-Mine-It!" Machine's map.


  • Each map is shared across all vending machines and can only be bought once every 24 hours.
  • There seems to be no limit for the number of active instances this quest can have; but it is recommended to use as few as possible to help prevent screen cluttering and server issues.
  • Switching servers will change the location of the dig site.
  • The Mount Blair trainyard and Big Bend Tunnel campsite have two potential spawn locations.
  • The Burning Mine has five potential spawn locations.
  • There is a total of 48 dig sites that can be excavated.