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Earn Mr. Fuzzy tokens by depositing coal into the carts scattered around the park!

Daily: Lucky Mucker is a timed daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Daily quest: Lucky Mucker
Head to the Lucky Mucker booth at Camden Park.
Speak with Zeke.
Pick up the coal bucket on the counter of the Lucky Mucker stall.
Find the four wheelbarrows located around Camden Park and deposit coal in them in under five minutes.
Return to Zeke
Reward: 600 XP, 80 Bottle cap, 5 Legendary scrip, 3 Mr. Fuzzy tokens, random items

Detailed walkthrough

This quest becomes available after the completion of Mistaken Identity, when it will cycle with Dross Toss and The Chow Line as the daily quest for the Ash Heap when setting foot in the region any time after the daily quests reset for the next day, it involves placing coal into four wheelbarrows found around the park in under five minutes. In order to start the quest, speak with Zeke at the Lucky Mucker booth. Once done, grab the coal the coal bucket, found on the counter behind Zeke. Doing so starts the five minute timer.

From the booth, the nearest wheelbarrow is located in west-northwestern direction, past the playground and next to a closed food stall with two picnic benches. Drop the coal into the wheelbarrow, then follow the railroad track in southeastern direction, past the orange boxcar, to find the second wheelbarrow behind the Strip Miner ride. Go ahead and drop another coal in it.

Continue eastward, past the Responders sign and underneath the rollercoaster structure. Turn southeast at the ice cream cart, and head up the ramp of the Widowmaker rollercoaster, to find the third wheelbarrow in the boarding area next to the queue line. Drop yet another piece of coal, then hop over the rollercoasters' railing to the southeast and proceed to the carousel, located right next to the Radioactive Roundup attraction. Find the final wheelbarrow next to a trash bin, and drop the last coal, at which point the timer stops. Then return to speak with Zeke.

This completes the quest, and grants 600 XP, 80 caps, five legendary scrip, three Mr. Fuzzy token, and random items, with a small chance for a legendary weapon or armor. The quest fails if the time runs out, resulting in no rewards at all.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Go to the Lucky Mucker.I need to go find some contest called the "Lucky Mucker" and calibrate it. It doesn't sound too appealing.
Listen to Zeke
Grab a coal bucket to beginIf I want to do this mucker game I need to grab a coal bucket.
Deposit coal in the carts (#/4) (5:00)I have to find some carts around the park and drop a chunk of coal into each one before the timer runs out. I'm sure this was a lot easier before the war. Now it's a bit tricky what with the deadly creatures and radiation. Still, I'm up for it.
Return to Zeke
I got them all and got back to the robot in time!
Complete Quest (failure)I didn't manage to get to all of the carts before time ran out.
Complete QuestI managed to get everything done before the time expired and the bot here game me some tokens.


  • The wheelbarrows can be filled with coal in any given order.
  • If time runs out, the quest will be marked as completed, despite it actually being failed.
  • According to a comment for stage 900, failing the quest was supposed to grant a lesser reward. However, no rewards are assigned to that quest stage.