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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lucky Lou.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
12 0040D28E 00555532 Eh, don't bug me, ya neb-nose. Not happy with the player yet.
13 00555533 Hope this job of yours is worth the risk of bringin' me along.
14 00555534 Just because I said I'd help n'at, don't mean I'm happy 'bout it.
15 00555535 Don't you never forget what you promised.
52 0040D29C 0040D3E3 You go on ahead back to Crater.
53 I gotta get things in order 'round here so nothing happens to it while I'm gone. Meet ya there.
54 0040D29D 0040D43B Yinz wanna blast our way into a vault? Sounds crazy, but I can do it. I'm in.
55 0040D29F 0040D3FD If you say so. I trust Meg, so if there's somethin' she needs done, I'll do it.
56 0040D2A1 0040D462 Remember, not a word to the others about what I was out here doin' or why. Not even Fisher.
57 Don't want 'em thinkin' less of me, n' I don't want to cause any of 'em fright.
58 Now let's hear about this job.
59 0040D2A2 0040D416 Good enough. I can always come back here n' do what I was gonna do anyway.
60 0040D2A4 0040D3D8 I don't think it's gonna happen, but likewise, so long as yinz let me try to convince ya I need to die, it's a deal.
61 0040D2A6 0040D42E Then you've got a deal. I'll be countin' on you.
62 0040D2A8 0040D449 If I do this job for yinz, you gotta help me off myself after it's done.
63 It's gotta be you. I don't want nobody else knowin' about this.
64 0040D44A Tell ya what. Ya did graze me with that shot. Maybe you're the right kind of dirty jagoff I'm looking for.
65 I'll do the job for yinz, but then ya gotta be the one to do me in afterwards.
66 I don't want nobody else knowin' about this.
67 0040D2AB 0040D42A Yeah, well, I don't like takin' chances. That's why I work with explosives. So here's the deal.
68 0040D2AD 0040D3EE Yeah? You gonna put your money where your mouth is?
69 0040D2AF 0040D445 That's what I thought. You're useless. Useless, but stubborn, I'll give ya that.
70 0040D2B1 0040D407 This unnatural walking corpse of a body... it ain't no way to live.
71 Say I go back with yinz to help, what happens if I change for the worse and end up killing others?
72 And what happens if people have trouble puttin' me down, so I end up killin' 'em all? What then?
73 0040D2B2 0040D3C6 Not sure you do, but eh. He's really not convinced, but doesn't want to make it a big deal
74 0040D2B4 0040D41F Yinz're probably right, but I gotta try. Like I said, least this way, I put myself away in a tomb I can't get out of 'n' on my own terms.
75 0040D2B6 0040D3E2 Luck's supposed to work in your favor. And it did, most of my life.
76 Wasn't a game of cards I couldn't win.
77 Course, I almost never played. Didn't have nobody to play with.
78 Worked with demolitions my whole life, and walked away from accidents that woulda outright killed other men.
79 So yeah, I'm convinced the world wants me alive, like it or not. And that's a problem for everyone else.
80 0040D2B8 0040D43A That's the problem. Dyin' of old age don't seem to be an option. The longer I'm alive, the longer I'm a danger to others. I'm a burden at best.
81 No thanks. I'm done with the world, and it's like the world just ain't done with me.
82 Just had to curse me with luck so I can't even die in peace with my dignity intact. He's angry at the world
83 0040D2BA 0040D3C0 You come here to insult me, jagoff? I thought my way around this.
84 I made peace, and I want to go out my way, not losin' my mind and chowin' down on my friends' bones.
85 0040D2BC 0040D41B Yeah I know, I'm a regular softy. Sarcastic
86 Nice that people need me. But, you don't understand.
87 0040D2BE 0040D3DF I only run across a few others like me. They were all worried about the same: What if.
88 No one's got any idea. Ain't exactly a doctor around who knows how this all works.
89 So yeah, maybe I'm fine. Maybe I live another hundred years and not nothin' goes sideways.
90 But, you seen all them ferals out there. Way more of them then there is like us. I don't wanna take no chances.
91 0040D2C0 0040D435 I bet you do.
92 0040D2C2 0040D3F8 Thanks, jagoff. Got any more words of encouragement?
93 0040D2C4 0040D45B You for real? Aside from maybe being a ticking feral time bomb, my body's a mess.
94 Feels like the radiation's both killin' me and keeping me alive somehow.
95 You get used to it after a while, but it ain't ever pretty.
96 Now it ain't all bad. I never been good around people, 'n now they let me alone 'cause of how I look.
97 I feel like I could live forever. That might sound good, but trust me, it ain't.
98 0040D2C6 0040D411 Not yet. How do ya think those ferals get that way?
99 Alls I know is I can't be around people when that happens. Best to seal myself away.
100 0040D2C8 0040D3D2 It ain't the kind of life I'd wish on nobody.
101 0040D2CA 0040D429 Yinz ain't makin' a good case if you want my help. He's definitely not impressed with the player's response here.
102 0040D2CC 0040D3FB That's different. We don't kill nobody for no reason. We offer mercy. We let people join up. We ain't as bad as ya think.
103 We give 'em a choice, and we only kill if we need to. It's about survival, not killin' 'cause we feel like it.
104 0040D2CE 0040D45E Says you. Yinz ain't chock fulla radiation. Still got skin in the right places.
105 No worries 'bout losing what makes you human and not bein' able to stop yourself from killin' those that matter to ya.
106 That's why this is the only way.
107 'Sides, I'm old. I was old when I came down with this.
108 I ain't showin' any signs of slowin' down, n'at. I'm real tired of this. It's too much. I'm done.
109 0040D2D0 0040D413 That ain't what I mean.
110 I mean literally, physically, I can't seem to do it.
111 You seen the setups I got here. All designed to be foolproof deathtraps.
112 None of 'em worked. Always somethin' managed to go wrong.
113 So, I figure with this last one, worst case scenario, I get buried alive and can't do no harm to nobody. No backing outta it.
114 I tell ya, my luck ain't a blessing, it's a curse.
115 0040D2D2 0040D3D5 You see them ferals around? Only a matter of time 'fore I'm one of 'em.
116 I don't want to kill nobody who ain't got a good reason to be killed.
117 It's bad enough I look like a monster.
118 It's a whole 'nother thing to kill just 'cause something moved.
119 0040D2D4 0040D42B Take a good look. Ghoul's not the name I'd choose, it's the name someone would give a monster.
120 'Course some of 'em are; they gone feral.
121 Anyway, I dunno how it works, n'at. You're askin' the wrong person.
122 I just know getting' a big ol' dose of radiation seems to make people change like this sometimes.
123 0040D2D6 0040D3EF In case it ain't obvious, I'm one of them rad-soaked ghouls. Been that way goin' on twenty-five years.
124 Ain't no way to live. Killin' myself's the only way to keep people safe. 'Course, that's harder than you'd think.
125 0040D2D7 0040D446 I getcha, but I gotta good reason to do what I'm doin.'
126 0040D2D9 0040D408 That's what I said. Did I stutter?
127 0040D2DB 0040D3C7 What's it look like?
128 0040D2DD 0040D3EC Fine, I will... Aw hell... It still ain't workin.' Ya musta went and disconnected all my demo charges, didn't ya! Angry, annoyed
129 0040D2DF 0040D443 Ya did what? Why in hell you gotta do that? 'Course this would happen this way. What a pain in my ass. Angry and annoyed.
130 0040D2E1 0040D405 Ya gone through all the trouble, n'at, to get here. Lot of effort to stop an old man from offin' himself. What you want? Annoyed that the player has interrupted his plan
131 0040D2E4 0040D423 Now listen up. I don't want to talk 'cause I don't want yinz hurt. Big sigh at the beginning.
132 I rigged this place to blow, and you bein' here has put a real wrench in my plans.
133 Now, you can try to get here to me before I get this sonovabitch detonator working, or you can kindly screw off, 'n' get out alive.
134 I don't recommend anythin' in between. Now, if you'll 'scuse me, I'm busy.
135 0040D2E6 0040D3CB 'Cause. That's my business 'n my business alone. Keep your nebby-nose out of it. "'Cause" should sound very definitive and final.
136 0040D2E8 0040D40B Nah. I'm retired. I just decided it.
137 Yinz can take your job, turn it sideways, and put it where the sun don't shine. I ain't interested.
138 0040D2EC 0040D3F2 I feel like yinz're just gonna say it anyway, so go on. Annoyed
139 0040D2EE 0040D430 Ain't up for discussion. You die, it's on you now. Talkin's over.
140 0040D2F0 0040D3DA I don't wanna kill nobody I dunno for no reasons, but that's life now.
141 I gave you a choice, I hope you get the hell on out before I detonate.
142 Now leave me alone.
143 0040D2F2 0040D41A I mean what I said.
144 I'm sealin' me in here, and I ain't leaving nothin' to chance.
145 Caves'r rigged to collapse 'n' if the 'splosions don't kill ya, the cave-in sure will.
146 So get outta 'ere or I'm bringin' down the rock on yinz too.
147 0040D2F4 0040D47B What you need me for? I ain't going back to Crater.
148 0040D2F6 0040D401 Fisher? Why that... Hrm... I told 'im I didn't want nobody comin' for me. What's anyone doin' comin' for me anyway? Grumbling that Fisher helped to track him down.
149 0040D2F8 0040D43F No thanks. Now git outta 'ere. Don't want yinz buried in 'ere with me, but if I don't have no choice, then fine. He considers it for a moment, then goes back to shooing the player.
150 0040D2FA 0040D3E8 No help needed. Yinz can help by goin' back where you came from before I cave us in. So 'less ya wanna be buried n'at, get out.
151 0040D2FC 0040D424 Yeah, it's me. What's up with you? Yinz don't sound familiar. Blend "what's up" to "whassup," and "with you" to "witchoo"
152 0040D2FE 0040D44D Hey! If someone's there, you'd better get outta here. Yinz ain't welcome. Annoyed that someone is here.
153 0040D44E Serious! I'm warnin' yinz. Get out, or ya could die here. Got a lotta explosives set up! Annoyed that someone is here.
154 0040D44F I don't want no one getting' hurt on account of me. Annoyed that someone is here.
155 0040D450 I ain't interested in whatever ya got, and I ain't got nothing of value, so piss off. Annoyed that someone is here.
156 0040D451 Take Weasel or whoever's with you, and leave. Yinz ain't getting' in and I ain't comin' out. Annoyed that someone is here.
157 0040D2FF 0040D3F0 The hell? Sonova... You grazed me... The player's shot grazed him, so he should react. He's also genuinely surprised this could happen, because he's convinced himself he's too lucky.
158 Usually someone pulls a gun on me, somethin' goes cockeyed. But you... I wanna talk with yinz. Get over here.
159 0040D300 0040D44B Waste of Ammo. You ain't gonna hurt me like that unless you get lucky. Lou is lucky, and bullets never seem to hit him. It's all in his head, but we're also tweaking the gameplay to support that perception here.
160 0040D301 0040D46D Ya made the wrong move, pal.
161 You've got ten seconds... er... thirty... eh, whenever this piece of shit decides to work to get out before I bring down the roof on us.
162 0040D302 0040D417 So you think you're all sneaky, n'at? Well, you're not, jagoff. I see yinz, and ya better be ready to explain what you were thinkin'. Angry, but composed.
163 0040D304 0040D3CC Fisher knows how it works better than I do. He found a science person... No. A scientist's house in Monongah.
164 The scientist was working on a device to let animals talk.
165 Fisher made it work for me and impoverished... improvised... made it work better. Mostly.
262 0040D3BD 0040D46E So you think you're all sneaky, n'at? Well, you're not, jagoff. I see yinz, and ya better be ready to explain what you were thinkin' He feels crafty for noticing the player when they were sneaking.
271 0040D3BE 0040D467 Okay, okay. He's reluctant, but agrees to do the job for the player.
273 0040D469 Heh, good luck, nebshit. I won't be waiting for ya. Dismissive.
274 0040D479 Ok, I'm listening. But he's not happy about it.
275 0040D47A Ahh! What the? Where the hell'd you come from, you sneaky jagoff? Suprirised. The player just showed up out of nowhere and surprised him.
282 0040D3BF 0040D478 This better be good. Annoyed that someone is here in his hideout, especially someone he doesn't know.
287 0058F921 I'm keeping yinz to that promise. Picking up after the player promised to help him, if they had backed out of the conversation after that point.
355 005554FF 0055550B What, yinz think I'm tryin' to die 'n' just failing at it 'cause I don't know what I'm doin'? Taking offense, but also considering in the back of his head that he is actually delucing himself.
356 I been workin' with my hands for longer than you been alive. If I wanna build somethin' to kill someone, it happens. So why not with me?
357 So if it ain't skill, then what is it? There ain't no better explanation than luck. The real answer is that he doesn't want to kill himself, but he's not ready to admit it.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00535E56 0053C22D Thanks. Sure took yinz long enough. Surly. He's just been trapped in a major predicament, and the player freed him. He's thankful, but he's still angry about it.
194 0053C19F 0056FA37 I'm too old for this kinda crap.
215 0053C1B5 0053C218 Nah. All the charges have to go off at the same time, and we gotta be a safe distance away.
216 That detonator's key to doin' this job.
217 0053C1B7 0053C1EB He's just some Soviet former mobster jagoff. He and his crew joined up with us a while back. You probably saw him hanging around the Crater Core?
218 Liked to think of himself as Meg's number two, but I don't think she thought the same.
219 Dunno why he did what he did. Maybe just hates ghouls. Maybe hates the rest of Meg's gang. Maybe both.
220 I'll 'member to ask him next time he tries to kill me. Sarcastic.
221 0053C1BB 0053C1CE He 'n Lev been friends longer.
222 'Course it might've had to do with me havin' words with Fisher after he tracked me down when I specifically told him not to.
223 Said some things I probably shouldn't've. Guess I was right about him bein' a damn traitor. A little regretful
224 0053C1BD 0053C205 Well, if yinz wanna get into that Vault, we gotta get that detonator back.
225 To do that, we gotta find Lev, but first thing's first: You gotta tell Meg. Get her to get a team together to hunt 'em down.
226 0053C1BF 0053C1D7 That asshole, Lev. He's had it in for me since the start. Don't like us ghouls.
227 He got Fisher, Surge, 'n some others on board to sabotage us. They jumped me while I was settin' up the demo charges 'round the vault door.
228 Musta been familiar with our plan, 'cause they took off with my detonator and left me here to die.
229 Heh. Joke's on 'em. Yinz showed up before their tranq dart wore off on our friend over there. Mildly amused. Lead the n from "on" into "'em" kind of like "ah-nem"
230 0053C1C0 0053C210 Yeah, just pissed off, is all. Those friggen' traitors were never gonna be able to kill me anyway. Angry about being doublecrossed by people he thought he could trust
231 0053C1C2 0053C1E3 Ha ha, jagoff. Only it weren't me this time. Feigning amusement, grumpy, but not taking too much offense to the player.
232 0053C1C4 0053C223 Friggen' traitors is what happened. Angry about being doublecrossed by people he thought he could trust
281 0056F9EA 0056FA34 I figured someone'd show up. Just glad yinz did before I lost an arm or somethin' to that thing.
282 0056FA35 I can't wait to be done with this job.
283 0056FA36 If yinz end up seein' Fisher, give 'im a mouthful from me, got it?
284 0056FA38 Least those jagoffs didn't find my demo charges and run off with 'em, too. String "with" and "'em" together into something like "wiffem"
319 0056FA08 0056FA1B Go on. I'll be fine here. Doubt those jagoffs are comin' back.
320 0056FA09 0056FA58 Kill this thing before it wakes up 'n' eats me Whispered (loudly). A big hungry creature is sleeping next to him while he's tied up.
321 0056FA59 Shhhh! Careful! Don't startle it! Whispered (loudly). A big hungry creature is sleeping next to him while he's tied up.
322 0056FA5A Quiet! This thing's sleeping. Don't friggin' wake it! Whispered (loudly). A big hungry creature is sleeping next to him while he's tied up.
323 0056FA5B Hey, get me outta here before this jagoff gets hungry! Whispered (loudly). A big hungry creature is sleeping next to him while he's tied up.
324 0056FA5C Do something about this beast! Whispered (loudly). A big hungry creature is sleeping next to him while he's tied up.
325 0056FA5E Hurry up and kill that thing! Yelling. The player is fighting a big hungry creature while he's tied up.
326 0056FA5F You better not lead it over here! Yelling. The player is fighting a big hungry creature while he's tied up.
327 0056FA60 Aw shit, now yinz done it! Yelling. The player is fighting a big hungry creature while he's tied up.
328 0056FA61 You better not die fighting that thing. You still owe me a favor! Yelling. The player is fighting a big hungry creature while he's tied up.
329 0056FA62 Watch out, it's all pissed off now! Yelling. The player is fighting a big hungry creature while he's tied up.
330 0056FA64 Alright, it's dead, now get me offa this thing! Yelling. The player killed the big hungry creature, and now he wants them to free him from being tied up.
331 0056FA65 How 'bout freein' me when you're done fuckin' around? Yelling. The player killed the big hungry creature, and now he wants them to free him from being tied up.
332 0056FA66 You wanna hurry a little? Yelling. The player killed the big hungry creature, and now he wants them to free him from being tied up.
333 0056FA67 I ain't sitting here for my own comfort, you know! Yelling. The player killed the big hungry creature, and now he wants them to free him from being tied up.
334 0056FA68 Good, you killed it, now can we focus on untyin' me? Yelling, and in a sour mood. The player killed the big hungry creature, and now Lou wants them to free him from being tied up.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
177 00548C30 00548CD8 Yinz ready, or what? Surly, but anxious to get going.
199 00548C39 00548C63 Whatever. Not like I'm goin' anywhere anytime soon.
200 00548C3B 00548CA6 Not now. We got work to do. Don' worry. I ain't lettin' you forget about it. I'll come find yinz after the gold's got. He doesn't have time for this.
201 00548C3D 00548C55 You got it. Stand back. Don't want no one standin' in the blast zone.
209 00548C46 00548C6A <affirmative grumble> Something that sounds surly and unintelligible, but vaguely affirmative. Like "Mnhmmm"
261 00572D33 00572D77 Come find me when this is done so we can settle our arrangement.
262 00572D78 You was all in a hurry to get in there, now you're hanging back here? What's with you?
263 00572D7A Yinz all need to quiet down, I'm tryin' to make sure it's ready to go.
264 00572D7B We're just about all set now, thanks to yinz getting' that detonator back.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005588F0 00558951 Hold on. What you mean by that? Combine "What you" into "Whatchoo"
2 005588F2 00552727 Do they? I know Meg does. Always askin' how I am. Reflecting on his friends. Maybe he doesn't want to let them down.
3 Maybe the little girl too. Wants me to play with her all the time.
4 Come to think, you killed everyone who ever gave me a hard time, 'n' the rest seems to show some respect. Guess you're right. Sincere. Though, it may have been hard for him to say.
5 00552728 I know. I run into one or two of 'em before. They were worried 'bout the same.
6 No one knows what to make of it all. But, no one says it's a guarantee we'll turn either.
7 Anyway, you convinced me, so I hope you're willin' to put a bullet in me if it does go that way. He's pretty convinced he's not going to turn feral, and that it'll be okay, but he wants a backup plan just in case.
8 005588F3 00558966 Heh, alright, ya jagoff. It won't come to that, but if it ever does, you got a deal. Amused. He knows the player is just joking. Grateful that they helped him.
9 Meantime, I'll find some way of showin' my thanks, yinz can bet on it.
10 005588F5 0055894D Yeah, thanks to you. Dunno how to make it up to ya, but I'll figure somethin' out. Relieved, an grateful to the player. Almost happy.
11 005588F7 00558962 Yeah, those jagoffs'd be blowin' themselves up or somethin' if it weren't for me teachin' 'em the rights and wrongs. Amused, and relieved. Grateful to the player. Almost happy.
12 Dunno how, but I'll find some way to thank you.
13 005588F9 00558949 Sounds like a promise to me; one I expect you to keep this time. Relieved, and grateful to the player. For the first time, he almost seems happy.
14 But ya did pull me outta this mess, 'n' I'm glad ya did.
15 Gonna be tough to thank yinz properly, but I'll think of somethin', you'll see.
16 005588FB 0055895E Fine. If that's the case, let's do it now. He realizes he might not get another chance, so he makes up his mind to go out on his own terms before he or anyone else suffers.
17 At least I can go out while I still got my senses, without causin' anyone else pain or grief.
18 Thanks, and eh, tell 'em all goodbye for me. Not his ideal outcome, but he's still grateful the player is willing to do it for him.
19 005588FD 00558970 Fine, jagoff. I get it. Thanks for hearin' me out, but don't expect much help from me when you need it. Grateful that the player convinced him to live, but not happy that they won't help him in case he goes feral.
20 Stayin' alive's the right choice, n'at, but it's gonna be risky. Just neb out next time you think about messin' with my life. "neb out" = don't get nosey
21 005588FF 00558953 Thanks for understandin' what I'm goin' through n'at. So long as you got my back, I'll try to get yours. Grateful to the player.
22 Glad you were here to save my life. Hope it stays saved.
23 00558901 00558947 Hmm. Good point. He hated my guts, and wanted me to off myself.
24 Last thing I wanna do is give that jagoff any satisfaction while he's lookin' up at me from hell. Getting angry, looking back at Lev's actions.
25 Anyway, I got people like you around who'd help out if I did turn feral.
26 00558905 00558955 Somewhere in the ballpark. Amused.
27 You got a point. I think for now, I just go back, and see how it plays out. He's convinced that he should live, because he may not go feral
28 One condition: you put a bullet in me if you're wrong and I go feral, before I hurt anyone. But, he wants a contingency just in case.
29 00558907 0055894A He 'n' I never saw eye to eye. Always thought he was a bad egg. Shoulda seen it comin'. Angry that he didn't recognize Lev for who he was before.
30 00558909 0055895F I seen enough of that racist shit in my time, I shoulda known that was his angle. Angry at Lev, upset he didn't recognize Lev for what he was.
31 0055890B 00558945 You're the first person I feel like I could talk to 'bout it. He's not much of a people person, and he was too close to the people at home, but he is able to confide in the player.
32 I... appreciate what you're doin' 'n'at.
33 You're right. I don't. People count on me, 'n' I can't let them down.
34 Maybe I won't go feral, 'n' even if I do, maybe yinz'll be there to stop me. He wants to live, and he wants the player to help him if he loses his mind and turns feral.
35 0055890F 0055896E Yeah, I'm sure. I don't want to be a burden on yinz anymore. The more he thinks of it, the more he worries about being a burden, or suffering himself and other.
36 Thought about it long enough, lived a long life, made my peace, and I'm of sound mind n'at. Let's get it over with. He wants to make sure the player knows this is his decision.
37 Tell 'em I said goodbye. A little sad.
38 00558911 00558954 I'm worried about takin' that risk. We Crater folks ain't good people, but none of 'em deserve to be eaten alive.
39 Specially if they have as much trouble killin' me as I've had tryin' to die.
40 00558913 00558967 Why the hell would that jagoff do that for? Angry, confused. someone manipulated him, and he needs to know why.
41 00558915 0055894E Listen, jagoff. I thought it'd be easy, but it ain't! Annoyed at the player for rushing him through the hardest decision he's ever had to make.
42 00558917 00558963 That's what I keep comin' back to. I'm not. He's conflicted.
43 You're right. I don't want that hangin' over me. I wanna go out on my terms, while I still got my mind, before I get anyone hurt. He's more sure of himself now. Doesn't want to suffer, or for anyone else to suffer.
44 Thanks for understandin.' Tell 'em all goodbye. He's confident he made the right choice, but still a little sad.
45 00558919 0055894B I go back with you 'n' the rest. If I start showin' signs of goin' feral, you kill me then. He seems okay with this plan.
46 Yeah. Think my mind's made up on this.
47 0055891B 00558960 Do I gotta spell it out for you? I can't. I'm afraid, or somethin'. I dunno. I ain't good with words 'n' shit like this. Annoyed, more at himself for not being able to come out and say what he means.
48 If I'm gonna do this, I need someone willin' to help. I don't wanna put that burden on anyone I care about. No offense.
49 0055891D 00558946 Bastard did what? Why? Flabbergasted and angry.
50 0055891F 0055895B Yeah. And my instincts are tellin' me to do the right thing. Convincing himself that he needs to die to avoid suffering and the suffering of others,
51 I stay alive, I could turn feral and hurt people. Don't wanna lose my mind and go out like that.
52 Better to go out while I'm still in control, let people remember the way I was. Tell 'em goodbye for me, will ya? He's not good at goodbyes, but he wants his friends to know.
53 00558921 0055896F Nah... okay yeah. A little. All the deathtraps I made. Maybe it had shit to do with luck. Admitting that maybe he sabotaged his deathtraps to prevent himself from dying.
54 Maybe they didn't work 'cause I didn't want 'em to work, know what I'm sayin'? It's hard for him to admit.
55 00558923 00558957 Fine, you're right. I can't bring myself to do it. That's why all my deathtraps failed. Resigned to this fate, but also kind of relieved. He's finally admitting to himself why he couldn't go through with it.
56 I'll just go back to Crater. If I go feral, someone'll have to try to kill me before I kill too many others.
57 Yinz might want to hang around 'til that time comes if you want a clear conscience. Trying to guilt the player a little bit.
58 00558925 00558969 Ya got me by the wrinkled uglies. Gonna twist to see me squirm, or you gonna get on with what you gotta say? Annoyed that the player is being difficult. He wants them to hurry up and get to the point.
59 00558927 00558950 Gotta be honest. Those deathtraps I rigged up? I don't think it was dumb luck that made 'em not work. Coming clean and admitting to himself that he failed to kill himself before because he wasn't sure about it.
60 Think I sabotaged 'em without realizing it, 'cause I wasn't ready to go.
61 Can't put anyone back home through with it. Gotta be you.
62 00558929 00558965 Fine, jagoff. I guess I'll just have to live knowin' I put everyone at risk, and you will too. Pissed at the player for letting him down.
63 Don't expect much help from me no more. Not unless you're willin' to stick around and put a bullet it me if I go feral. Trying to make a final appeal to the player.
64 0055892B 00558956 Since I can't do it without ya anyway, I guess I got no choice. Annoyed, but patient.
65 0055892D 00558968 Maybe I ain't ready to die. Finally admitting it to himself
66 So maybe I didn't put my all into those deathtraps on purpose, 'cause I wanted 'em to fail. Admitting that he may not have wanted to die.
67 You wanna convince me one way or another, now's your chance. Really hoping the player convinces him, but still isn't sure.
68 0055892E 0055894F Nah, I am. I won the Great War lottery by surviving what shoulda killed me. I lived longer than almost anyone could ever hope. It ain't that. He's not denying his luck, but he's also going to admit that he may have sabotaged his attempts to kill himself on purpose.
69 00558930 00558964 I think that's what I'm sayin'. Luck has less to do with it than I'm lettin' on. He's revealing that maybe he overplayed the idea that he's too lucky to die, and that his actions had something to do with it instead.
70 00558932 0055894C That's the idea. I don't wanna suffer. I don't want my friends to suffer 'cause of me. he's back to thinking that maybe he is making the right choice by dying on his own terms, avoiding suffering.
71 I'm at peace with my end, and I've decided this is how I want it to be.
72 00558934 00558961 All those machines I rigged up back in the mine to kill myself? Asking the player to recall the deathtraps he made to kill himself back in previous dungeon.
73 Well, maybe it wasn't just dumb luck that made 'em not work right. What if I... didn't want 'em to work? Finally admitting to himself that he may not want to die.
74 00558936 00558948 What if I'm wrong? What if it's all fine? Nervous, depressed, emotionally confused
75 Only reason I wanted to off myself is 'cause I like some of those people.
76 Don't want anything bad to happen to 'em, but if I'm alive, and I don't go feral, I can help with that. I dunno what to do.
77 00558938 0054EF60 Eh, it's you. Guess we got business to settle, eh? Somber, as if he really doesn't want to go through with this, but he knows he has to. He's talking to the player about their promise to help kill him
78 00558939 0055895C Whoa, don't rush me, jagoff. Just... let me collect my thoughts first. This is all moving too fast for him, and he's having second thoughts about dying. This manifests as annoyance towards the player.
79 0055893B 00558971 You made a promise. Keep it, or I can make your life real hard 'round here. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Lou is mad that the player isn't going to help him.
80 0055893D 0055896B I know you don't wanna go through with this. I'm havin' second thoughts again anyway. He asked the player to help him die, but the player didn't want to do it, and now he's not sure he wants it either.
81 0055896C Now that it's real, I uh, I'm havin' some second thoughts again. He asked the player to help him die. The player agreed, but now Lou's not sure he wants it.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
6 0056F789 00585961 Got nothin' for ya. Go bug someone else.
20 00585971 What's your problem?
77 005834BE 00583D97 Hey, got something for yinz. Want it?
78 00584D77 I ain't in no mood to talk to no jagoffs today. If you want somethin', make it quick.
85 0058594F I never thought I'd be sayin' it, but you was right. Livin's the right choice.
106 00583D7F 00583D9E You're just full of life lessons, ain't ya? Next time you wanna talk, maybe I can lie down on a couch while you take some notes.
107 00583D81 00583D99 I'm tellin' ya it ain't that simple. We both know our crew ain't black and white. We're all about that gray area.
108 Sometimes ya just get too deep in the dark and make that one bad decision.
109 00583D83 00583DA0 Eh, don't get all sappy on me. That ain't my thing. I just plan on focusing on keepin' the ones I got.
110 00583D85 00583D9D Hell that'd be a trip. Probably go missin' when I wake up and gotta take a piss.
111 Either that or yinz take it for a laugh... or for ransom. Yeah, I'll probably rethink that one.
112 00583D89 00583D9F If I never laid into him 'bout tellin' you where I was, he may never have joined that train wreck.
113 It ain't like Fisher to take on Lev's ways. Guy had morals, liked Meg, and been my pal since I joined up with this crew.
114 00583D8C 00583DA1 Damn right I do. I won't lose anyone else, 'specially at my own hands.
115 0058594B Damn right I do. And now, all I gotta worry about is the mound of explosives I keep around. N'at's easy compared to goin' feral.
116 00583D8E 00583D9B Plus, I know you got my back. I ain't got no doubt you can put me down real quick like should the time come. Drag out the word "real"
117 I may even start cuffin' myself to the bed 'case I turn in my sleep. Pretty sure that'd be a fun wake up call to folks 'round here.
118 00585950 And yinz're probably right about me not going feral. I did some more askin' around and nobody's seen no ghoul ever go feral.
119 So, I'm glad all'a yinz cleared my head of that concern, n'at. What a load off.
120 00583D8F 00583D95 Eh, nothin' I ain't used to, like lookin' in the mirror. But this ugly mug? Now I know it don't mean nothin' to the people I care about.
121 00583D91 00583D9C Wasn't easy, lemme tell ya. Lettin' go o' that fear? Of losing control? Hardest thing I ever done.
122 But you was right. That fear was holdin' me back... like blinders. I couldn't see that people cared... couldn't see that I was needed.
123 005848BA 005848C2 You and your optimism. Here's hopin' you're right. I'm here to help my friends, not hurt 'em.
124 005848BC 005848C1 Better be, 'cause I'm countin' on you to waste me the moment you get a whiff of things going south.
125 005848BE 005848C0 Hey, I ain't askin' you to be some sort o' shadow. You just keep an eye out, you know, for any... signs or whatever, of me turnin'.
126 00584B7B 00584B84 Anyway, I may have chosen to live, but that don't mean I've transformed into a social butterfly, n'at. Lou no longer worries he's going feral.
127 Though, maybe I'll try opening up a little now I don't gotta worry about getting close to people. Lou no longer worries he's going feral.
128 00585955 Anyway, I may have chosen to live, but that don't mean I've transformed into a social butterfly, n'at. The player promised to stick around and help him if he goes feral
129 Just remember that promise o' yours, and you 'n me are good. The player promised to stick around and help him if he goes feral
130 00584B7C 00584B82 Heh, time to start really livin' up to the name, ain't it? Though maybe if I was really lucky, none of the bad stuff'd ever happen. "stuff'd" = informal contraction of "stuff" and "would"
131 00584B7E 00584B81 I ain't gonna lose anyone else. I wanna be sure of it.
132 00584B7F 00584B83 Well, too late, the deal's done. 'Specially since I already held up my end of the bargain. Slightly threatening tone.
133 You don't follow through? Your choice. But anyone here who dies? That blood is on your hands. Getting angry.
134 00584D6B 00584D7B Obviously, you got better things to do then look out for me and mine, so why don't you take a hike? Player wouldn't help him. Not a fan.
135 I'm done wastin' time talkin' to you. Player wouldn't help him. Not a fan.
136 00584D6C 00584D78 You really thought that's what I meant? I take back what I said 'bout you not being simple.
137 All I wanted was someone who can do the job when the time comes. Someone with the guts to pull the trigger on a familiar face.
138 00584D6E 00584D7C Don't go actin' like you're some expert. No one here knows what could happen. Least you coulda done is have my back to ease my mind.
139 00584D70 00584D79 Yeah? That's what I thought.
140 00584D72 00584D76 Oh you noticed? Maybe you ain't so simple after all. What do you think, jagoff?
141 I ain't got no regrets choosing to live my life, and sure, I'm grateful you showed me the error of my ways, n'at...
142 But when you turn your back on me askin' to keep an eye out? You turn your back on this whole crew.
143 00584D74 00584D7A Don't bullshit me. I got a pretty good idea just how much you really care, and it ain't much. Now beat it. Player wouldn't help him. Not a fan.
144 00585049 005850B5 Ain't anyone ever tell you looks can be deceivin'?
145 0058504B 0058509E Now don't be getting' ahead of yourself, Seven-Six.
146 0058504D 0058508F Heh. I expected a little more enthusiasm after all that work you put into it.
261 0058593D 00585951 Now let me alone. Mildly annoyed. He wants to be left alone because he's not so good around people, not because he particularly dislikes the player.
262 00585952 Now what? I got things to do, so hurry up and out with it. He's still annoyed that the player refused to help him if he goes feral.
263 00585953 Hope it helps. Least I could do since yinz saved my life, n'at.
264 00585940 00585956 No time for small talk. Go stick your neb-nose in someone else's business if yinz don't want what I got.
265 00585957 Eh... sure. Nothin' too nebby, I hope. He's not particular happy to see the player.
266 00585958 It'll still be here later. I got time to talk. Yinz did save my life, n'at. He's glad to see the player.
267 00585942 00585959 It ain't nothing. Just something that'll do you more good'n it'll do me.
268 0058595A I had some extra parts, so I built some explosives for yinz.
269 0058595B Yinz're one of the only ones to come round and see me, so I got something yinz can use.
270 0058595C Explosives. I got too many of 'em. So I'm tryin' to offload some.
271 0058595D What's it look like? I'll give yinz a hint: it goes boom.
272 0058595E Something that'll blow your fingers off if yinz ain't careful with it. Enjoy.
273 0058595F Some old explosives I dug up from my stock. Here.
274 00585944 0058594A Oh. don't get your gutcheez in a bunch. They ain't dangerous 'less I want 'em to be. gutcheez = Pittsburg slang for underwear
275 00585946 0058594C To hell with Lev and Surge. Fisher, on the other hand... that cuts me deep.
276 0058594D Well, first of all, screw Lev and Surge. Even ol' "Gentleman Johnny" ain't much of a loss. But Fisher? That's the one that hurt most.
277 00585948 0058594E Sure beats the alternative. But knowin' people care and that they ain't worried about it means I gotta step up and do the same.
278 What kinda jagoff would I be moping around like that. Nah, makes more sense to be the poster boy for us kind.
279 Maybe there's other ghouls like me thinkin' the same things I did. Maybe I can help 'em out like you did for me.