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Not to be confused with Lucky Hits!.

Lucky Hits! Lottery recording is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found at Orwell Orchards, in a compost barrel in a warehouse with the radioactive barrels outside.



Representative: Dear Mr. and Ms. Bennett Orwell... We, of the West Virginia "Lucky Hits!" Lottery Company, are pleased to inform you of the result for our November lottery game held on the 10th of this month! Your names are attached to "Lucky Hits!" lotto ticket '59-28-42-88'. We are overjoyed to tell you that this ticket was November's lucky lottery winner! It's the largest single-month game in 'Lucky Hits!' history! You are hereby approved to receive an immediate cash payment, in the amount of 300,000 dollars! Mr. and Ms. Orwell, CONGRATULATIONS! A local "Lucky Hits!" prize representative will be arriving at your residence on November 30th - just a few short days away! To avoid any unnecessary mix-ups, please contact our headquarters as soon as possible, to confirm your home address! We advise that it's in your best interest to keep this news from the public's attention. We value all of our "Lucky Hits!" customers, and we can't wait to hear from you! Once again, CONGRATULATIONS, Mr. and Ms. Orwell: Winners of West Virginia's largest ever lottery game!

Behind the scenesEdit

The lottery representative in this holotape was voiced by Tommie Earl Jenkins.

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