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The Lucky 38 control room is a section of the Lucky 38, containing the physical body of Mr. House.


The room consists of a single catwalk with a vast abyss below. The Courier enters from an elevator, which provides transport to and from the Lucky 38 penthouse. A terminal and a chamber are at the far end of the catwalk. The Courier can choose to use the terminal to open the chamber and speak with Mr. House.


  • If Mr. House is killed, he and his chamber will disappear. The terminal can no longer be used.
  • The terminal that controls the chamber does not require a password.
  • If Mr. House is killed with an energy weapon, his chamber will disintegrate along with him.
  • Mr. House counts as an abomination for the Abominable challenge.
  • Upon his death, the quest The House Has Gone Bust! will simultaneously trigger and fail, and the note A tragedy has befallen all mankind will appear in the player character's inventory.


The Lucky 38 control room appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


PCPC If a thrown explosive is thrown at the chamber prior to opening it, the chamber will move to the left.[verified]