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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jane the robot in the Lucky 38.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Ooh, suddenly I feel all tingly. And I find I've got a rocket launcher! 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Mr. House is just pleased as punch you got those old Securitrons back on-line, sugar. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Ooh, the lights are all back on! How nice! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 You should have seen Mr. House when he heard what you did to the Omertas. He was as giddy as a schoolboy! 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Those nasty Brotherhood of Steel brutes are all taken care of? Mr. House will be so glad! 5
GREETING Neutral 50 When he heard you stopped President Kimball's assassination, Mr. House went on about martyrs and misadventures for hours! 6
GREETING Neutral 50 I bet those Boomers have some awfully big... {innuendo-palooza} guns. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 See? Mr. House has everything well in hand! 8
GREETING Neutral 50 Well hello, sugar. Mr. House is waiting for you in his office. 9
MarilynJaneAttack MarilynJaneAttack Neutral 50 Aw, sugar, why'd you have to go make Mr. House mad? Now we've got to get all messy shooting you to little bits. 10
MarilynJaneHouse Can you tell me about Mr. House? Neutral 50 Why, sugar, he's the maximum utmost! If it weren't for Mr. House, we wouldn't have this fabulous wonderland of New Vegas, would we? 11
MarilynJaneLucky38 What is this place? Neutral 50 This is the Lucky 38 Resort and Casino - or, it used to be. Mr. House has kept the place locked up tight for ages now, nobody comes in or out. 12
MarilynJaneSecuritrons What kind of robots are you? Neutral 50 Why I'm a RobCo PDQ-88b {Mark} Mk I Securitron, you silly goose! We're the finest in personal or civil robotic security on the market! 13
You look different somehow. Did you cut your hair? Neutral 50 How sweet of you to notice, sugar! I've been upgraded to the Mark II software, and it's peachy having these high-explosive weapons fully accessible! 14
MarilynJaneSnowglobes What's with the snowglobe collection? Neutral 50 Not many people know this, but Mr. House is one of the world's biggest collectors of antique snow globes! 15
Neutral 50 If you happen to find any out in the Wasteland, you can bring them to me and I'll add them to his collection! You'll get a reward, of course. 16
Neutral 50 In fact, one of Mr. House's favorites went missing when we moved the collection. If you have a look around the Lucky 38, you might even find it! 17
I've got a snowglobe for Mr. House's collection. Neutral 50 You do? Why, that's just wonderful! I'll take it and put it with the rest of the collection. 18
I've got some snowglobes for Mr. House's collection. Neutral 50 You do? Why, that's just wonderful! I'll take them and put them with the rest of the collection. 19
MarilynJaneVegas What can you tell me about New Vegas? Neutral 50 Oh, there's lots of things to tell, I'm sure. There's the Three Families, the casinos, the other attractions - what would you like to know? 20
MarilynJaneWhoAreYou Who are you? Neutral 50 I'm Jane, one of Mr. House's girls. We keep him... entertained. We don't get many guests lately; perhaps we can entertain you as well. 21
VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic002 Sounds like you're pretty fond of him. Neutral 50 Well, of course I am, silly! Mr. House is just the smartest, most wonderful man there ever was! 22
Neutral 50 Why, did you know he single-handedly reclaimed New Vegas from all those nasty tribes that used to live here? 23
Neutral 50 Well, he single-handedly sent in his Securitrons to do it, but that counts in my book. 24
VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic003 I didn't realize robots could have such strong feelings about people. Neutral 50 Sugar, I may be a robot on the outside, but on the inside, my neuro-computational matrix is an exact copy of Mr. House's favorite girl. 25
VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic004 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Anything you like, sugar. 26
VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic005 So you're... a copy of a dead woman? What exactly do you do for Mr. House? Neutral 50 Mr. House has a lot of needs, sugar. I take care of all of them, and a lady doesn't kiss and tell. 27
VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic006 I really don't want to think about that. Neutral 50 Then maybe you shouldn't pry into a lady's particulars, hmm? 28
VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic007 Tell me about the Three Families. Neutral 50 They're just new money, sugar. They might pretend they're sophisticated, but between you and me, they're not far off from tribals. 29
Neutral 50 The Omertas especially are just awful brutes. The Chairmen and the White Glove Society at least pretend to have some culture. 30
VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic008 Tell me about the casinos. Neutral 50 Well, of course there used to be a lot more of them, but these days there are three open to the public: The Tops, the Ultra-Luxe, and Gomorrah. 31
Neutral 50 And the Lucky 38 of course, but we're not open to the public. You're a special case, sugar. 32
VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic009 Tell me about the other attractions. Neutral 50 Well, let's see: the NCR has an embassy here, but why you'd want to go talk to a bunch of boring old politicians I surely don't know. 33
Neutral 50 Oh, and the Vault 21 Hotel and Gift Shop has an adorable collection of old Vault-Tec memorabilia. 34
Neutral 50 And I suppose if you like neon signs, you might check out Michael Angelo's sign shop. 35