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Luck of the Draw is a Luck-based perk in Fallout 76.


Regenerates weapon condition when hitting an enemy.


Rank Description Editor ID Form ID
1 Slight chance your weapon will repair itself when hitting an enemy. LuckOfTheDraw01 00330B9A
2 Chance your weapon will repair itself even more when hitting an enemy. LuckOfTheDraw02 00356A02
3 Chance your weapon will greatly repair itself when hitting an enemy. LuckOfTheDraw03 00356A03

Affected weapons

Luck of the Draw has different odds for procing based on the weapon used:

Weapon Types Chance per hit marker
Automatic weapons 0.05% and 0.3%
Non-automatic weapons 0.40%
Miniguns or Gatling Lasers 0.05% and 0.2%

The magnitude of the repair is based on perk rank:

Perk rank Repair magnitude
Rank 1 25 x condition loss
Rank 2 50 x condition loss
Rank 3 75 x condition loss


Besides perks that have group effects, perks can be selected to be shared among team members. Each player can only choose one perk to be shared at a time, and the selected perk can be changed at any time during gameplay. However, the player must have a Charisma point level that is at least three times the rank of the perk card that is to be shared, regardless of what SPECIAL attribute the shared perk card belongs to. Shared perk cards will not stack effects if duplicates are equipped or shared.


  • [Platforms needed] Luck of the Draw may not consider over-repaired (>100%) weapons to be damaged, and will not proc until they dip below 100% condition.[verification overdue]
  • [Platforms needed] Luck of the Draw may not over-repair weapons.[verification overdue]
  • [Platforms needed] Luck of the Draw gives automatic weapons 2 chances to proc potentially giving a 150x condition loss return. [verification needed]

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