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Lubbock was to be a location in the Texas Wasteland.


Lubbock is broken into two parts, Ghoul Town by the airport, and the Square, run by the humans. Ghoul Town and the Square each consist of one medium map, while the airport consists of three medium maps.[1]


People have been going missing from both Ghoul Town and the Square with each settlement accusing the other. The ghouls have escalated tensions by staging an attack on the Square. The real cause is the Jackals, who have come from the north to gather slaves.[1][2]

Related questsEdit

  • The player character can intervene by helping either the ghouls, the humans, or both. Once the true cause of the kidnapping is revealed as the Jackals tensions will be calmed.[1]
  • The player character tracks the Jackals down to the airport where they will fight Bulldog while Banshee makes a getaway. They will also uncover Banshee's plan to take on Fort Worth, in which he hoped to use the slaves as fodder.[1]
  • The player character can free the slaves for good reputation, or skip town leaving them there resulting in bad reputation.[1]


Lubbock was going to appear in the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2.


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