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Lt. Thomas' action report is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found on a table, in a tower building southwest of Brim Quarry.


Lt. Thomas - Action Report

2140 hours, 3/10/95
Mission No. 23
Target: Brim Quarry

Yas, Garrett, Dustin, Omar, and myself began our assault on Brim Quarry at sunset, approximately 1915 hours today. Our scout reports indicated an amount of hostiles that were too close for our peace of mind.

We encountered moderate numbers of, well we aren't sure what to make of them; they appear to be bipeds wearing those old heavy miner suits. They grunt and shriek like monsters, but we find wallets, keys, watches...I don't know if I'll ever understand all the horrors of this new world.

Results: camp at the quarry's summit was secured. All hostiles eliminated. 1 casualty: Garrett. Dustin tried to console us, said it was likely painless. Gone before he hit the ground. Still, he had just turned 20. The kid didn't know anything beyond this hell of a world. It made him strong. Just a kid, but willing to fight and die to help others. He deserved better.

I expected the fire to draw the rest of them at the top of the quarry, but nothing came. Like other reports indicate, they don't seem to feel or care about anything. They can't be human, at least not anymore.

We buried Garrett near some crates in the shipping yard. It was the least we could do for him. At sunrise, we attack the enemies uphill. The team knows what we'll find up there.

Before this, when I was a Fire Lieutenant in Charleston, the first thing we taught rookies was to walk into the flames fearlessly. It's something I've tried to instill in the Fire Breathers and my squad. Whatever flames are at the top of this quarry, we'll be ready.