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Let's get the other bit of politeness taken care of, shall we? What the bloody, bloody, bloody hell are you doing here!

Loxley is the head of the Thieves' Guild, located under a building in the Old Town section of the Hub in 2161.


Loxley is quick, intelligent, sharp-witted, good-natured, and humorous. He takes care of the thieves working for him, and they return the favor with their loyalty. He gives about twenty percent of the money stolen to the Old Town mutants, as charity. He generally loathes to use violence and kill, as dead people make poor returning "customers". Under his leadership, the Guild usually avoids any business with Decker.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character has a talking head.
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  • Steal necklace from the Merchants: When the Vault Dweller finds the Thieves' Guild hideout in the basement by avoiding mines and unlocking doors, Loxley will offer them a place in the Guild, for the price of completing a test. The test is to infiltrate Daren Hightower's house and steal his necklace.

Effects of player's actions

  • If the Vault Dweller succeeds in the test, they are gifted a few supplies from the Guild and becomes a member.

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Leather jacket Knife
Hunting rifle
14mm pistol
14mm AP x30


Loxley appears in Fallout as a talking head and is mentioned in the Fallout Bible. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Behind the scenes

  • According to Chris Taylor, Loxley strongly identifies with the original Robin of Locksley, Robin Hood. He pretends to have a British accent, even though he's not really English, and his real name isn't Loxley.[1]
  • Fallout designer Scott Bennie called "Locksley" In-game spelling his least favorite thing he worked on in Fallout, saying he was "too cutesy in tone," calling him "one of the least memorable major NPCs in either of the games."[citation needed]