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Lowell Aaronholt was a resident of Appalachia who died before 2102. His corpse can be found in a bathtub in a collapsed shed at the edge of the Aaronholt homestead fields.


Lowell Aaronholt lived with his brothers John and Shawn at their family farm after the War. He wanted to travel to Chicago after the War, but his brothers disagreed, instead wanting to travel south to find out if any of their other relatives survived.[1] Possibly as revenge, Lowell hid the key to the granary where the brothers had been hoarding supplies. With this act he unwittingly condemned John and Shawn to die of an infected leg and radiation sickness respectively.[2][3][4]

Interactions with the player character

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Lowell Aaronholt appears only in Fallout 76.


  1. Shawn's journal: "Lowell wants us to pack up and head that way. Who gives a shit about Chicago? I always thought we should travel more south to see if any of our cousins survived."
  2. John's last words: "My leg got pretty tore up. There's some medicine stored in the granary storage. I'm not gonna make it."
  3. Shawn's journal: "Radiation sickness has taken the best of me. Without meds I'll probably die within days."
  4. Lowell Aaronholt's last will and testament: "I ponder what became of my brothers Shawn and John."