The lottery ticket is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


The lottery tickets were originally issued by Big Ranch Nevada State Lotto. They appear as small, rectangle, gold-embossed pieces of paper bearing the text "Nevada State Lotto," with "Big Ranch" written below.

Lottery tickets were given to Nipton inhabitants during Caesar's Legion's massacre of the town, used to determine who would die and in what fashion. Tickets can be found scattered throughout Nipton, usually near the bodies of the town's murdered inhabitants. They have no weight and can be sold to vendors.

Lottery tickets come in two varieties, including a version worth 1 cap, and a rarer version worth 10 caps. There are 51 copies of the "common" ticket and 16 copies of the "valuable" version, including a "valuable" ticket carried by Nipton survivor Oliver Swanick.


  • Seven valuable lottery tickets are in a cabinet behind Mayor Steyn's desk.
  • Four are on the ground in the town hall's first floor.
  • Three are located on the table in the meeting room of the town hall second floor.
  • Three are on the ground in the same meeting room.
  • Two can be found in the basement of the Nipton town hall next to some Turbo.
  • Two more tickets can be found near the captured Powder Gangers at the Legion raid camp.
  • In the hidden supply cave behind the footlocker where the advanced radiation suit is found.
  • A single valuable lottery ticket can be found in front of a train tunnel located south of the Mojave Drive-in.
  • Another ticket can be found by the barrels in the Nipton Road reststop's general store.
  • One ticket can be found near the first wrecked car at the entrance of Crescent Canyon west.
  • One is outside of the coyote den.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The real world State of Nevada has never had a state lottery. A provision in the original 1864 state constitution prohibits state-run lotteries. This statute has remained in effect due to the state's gambling industry lobbying against such a lottery due to fears of competition. However, the real world town of Nipton straddles the state line of Nevada and California, and to the current day, experiences a large influx of individuals each time a large lottery drawing approaches.[1]
  • Icon cut During development, Nipton's mayor, Joseph B. Steyn, was to appear in the game. His only possessions were to be a grimy pre-War businesswear and a single "valuable" lottery ticket.



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