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Lost Soul is a Railroad radiant quest in Fallout 4. They are a chain of semi-random quests provided by Doctor Carrington in the Railroad HQ. He asks the Sole Survivor to help stray synths in danger after The Nuclear Option (Railroad) or The Nuclear Option (Minutemen). The number of locations is fixed, but the order in which they are given is random.

Quick walkthrough

Railroad radiant quest: Lost Soul
Talk to Doctor Carrington
Travel to the set location.
Rescue the synth.
Report back to Doctor Carrington
Reward: 400+ XP
250 caps
Possible weapon

Detailed walkthrough

Rescue the synth

The Pip-Boy will be updated with the location of the synth (they are different random locations), and Carrington will give you a synth care package to be delivered to a rescued synth. Travel to that location and eliminate the variable opposing forces, then give the package to the synth.

Report back to Carrington

Return to Carrington at the Railroad HQ. He will congratulate the Sole Survivor on a job well done and give a reward of 250 bottlecaps and sometimes a weapon.

Possible locations

There may be several quest locations in this series, confirmed:

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Rescue the synthNot all Synths teleported out of the Institute made it to safety. Doctor Carrington has a lead on one Synth that's in danger. After they're saved, I have a care package that'll help them get to safety.
200 Report back to Doctor CarringtonCare package delivered and the Synth is saved. Next is reporting in to Carrington.
300Quest finishedQuest completeDoctor Carrington was pleased that another Synth was placed out of harm's way.
9000Quest failedQuest failed


If followed, the synth will head to Bunker Hill at a leisurely stroll, though not necessarily by the most direct route, and the game may teleport them a distance at points along the way. They'll generally flee when danger threatens, though enemies completely ignore them, and they may defend themselves with an Institute rifle. Once at Bunker Hill, they will enter the utility basement and wait indefinitely just inside the entrance.