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Everyone else is... I don't know how to even explain it. It's not as though they've gone 'feral,' it's something entirely different. It's like they're in there somewhere, terrified, enraged... lost.James Oberlin, Vault 63 atrium terminal entries; Oberlin's personal terminal, Security Report - 5 days since the accident

The Lost are creatures found in the Skyline Valley region of Appalachia in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


The Lost were created in 2095 as the result of the first activation of the Vault 63 weather machine. Because Vault 63 was not fully complete when the Great War struck, its inhabitants were exposed to radiation, with those that survived becoming ghouls. Over time, the ghoul inhabitants began to go feral and sought to reverse the process with experimental science. By pure chance, the Vault researchers discovered that the weather machine in the meteorology sector was able to temporarily alleviate, if not reverse, the effects of feralization.[1]

When Hugo Stolz heard of this, he took drastic action. Hugo's wife Cassidy was going feral; desperate to save her, and seeing no other way, Hugo tricked the meteorology sector researchers into reporting to the atrium, then used the opportunity to take himself and Cassidy to the machine. He then activated it and pushed it to its very limit, causing a mutation by charging them both with enough electricity to rival a lightning strike.[2] The effects spread out from Hugo somehow, affecting many other Vault dwellers, though not everyone (and it appears that the dwellers in the atrium, the only fully completed part of the Vault, were not affected).[3] The mutation on the other dwellers was incomplete;[4] it altered and/or removed their senses, leaving them cut off from the world, "terrified, enraged... [and] lost," as observed by James Oberlin.[5] The newly-created Lost were hostile to anyone around them who was not also Lost, even their former family, friends and neighbors. The sole exceptions were Hugo and Cassidy Stolz, the former of who received the full magnitude of the mutation due to being the one who activated the machine.[6]

To protect themselves, the survivors were forced to seal themselves in the atrium and keep the Lost contained in other sectors of the Vault, also preventing them from reaching the surface and killing others (or getting themselves killed).[5] They began conducting research on how to restore the Lost, or at least keep them contained so as not to be a threat to anyone. Despite the situation, they seemed to be making some progress up until 2105, when the situation worsened. Hugo's first attempt did not seem to have helped Cassidy as much as he had hoped, and so he took her to the weather machine and activated it for the second time. This time, Hugo discovered his mutation gave him the ability to control the other Lost, allowing him to calm Cassidy and seemingly restore her mind,[7] but causing her to soon become comatose (possibly a result of Hugo's influence).[8] The cost was enormous; the second activation of the weather machine led to the manifestation of a heavy thunderstorm in Skyline Valley,[9] as well as severe earthquakes which destroyed the land around Dark Hollow Manor, caved in the tram tunnels between Vault 63's sectors, and exposed many of its entrances to the surface. This allowed the Lost to escape to the surface and spread throughout Shenandoah National Park, threatening all those who were living aboveground.[6][10]

Since then, Hugo's goal has been to find a way to isolate and replicate the "signal" inside him that allows him to control the Lost, pushing his niece Hilda to try to stabilize and/or cure the Lost and his daughter Audrey to repair the broken weather machine. With these pieces in hand, he intends to "teach [the] machine to dance to [his] song," so as to spread his influence over all of the Lost throughout Skyline Valley... for better or for worse.[11]


The Lost are ghouls who discharge electricity and show signs of severe psychosis. They are invariably hostile but are still sane enough to use weaponry such as shock batons or guns, while many Lost are also feral (whether these are feral ghouls who mutated into Lost or Lost who turned feral is left unstated). Vault 63 dwellers have observed that they also seem to be able to harness electricity from the storm. This seems to bring them great pain, as they can be heard saying that injuries in combat do not compare to the torment of the storm.

The Lost's mutation has altered, if not removed, several of their senses. Lost can be heard saying that they cannot see, smell or taste. Hugo, who was born blind, instead states that he was able to regain a form of vision from becoming Lost, which he describes as seeing the world through electrical pulses and wavelengths, "a universe of violent synaptic connections carving out and outlining every object and person." This functions to the degree that he is able to navigate locations normally and even detect people entering areas he does not wish them to (though he still cannot read written text). He speculates that the other Lost are also afflicted with this condition, and that it may be partially responsible for their psychosis due to the distorted worldview and mental stress.[12][13]


Lost dweller[]

Lost Dweller

An unarmored formerly sane resident of Vault 63. Wields pistols and laser weaponry.

Lost builder[]

Lost Builder

A former member of the Vault 63's construction crew. Wields melee weaponry to attack with blunt force.

Lost welder[]

Lost Welder

A former welder of Vault 63. Wears protective headwear and wields a ripper for attack.

Lost engineer[]

A former engineer of Vault 63, wears armor and wields more powerful weapons.

Lost Engineer

Lost heavy engineer[]

A stronger version of the engineer with heavier armor and firepower that comes armed with plasma grenades.

Lost Heavy Engineer

Lost robot master[]

A member of the lost with heavy armor and energy weapons.

Lost Robot Master

Lost champion[]

A member of the Lost wearing a suit of power armor and wielding heavy weaponry. Appears in Dangerous Pastimes and in groups of three in Neurological Warfare.

Lost Champion

Lost exalted champion[]

The most powerful variant of the lost. Appears in Dangerous Pastimes and in Neurological Warfare.

Lost Exalted Champion

Feral Lost[]

A member of the Lost that has undergone the feralization process. Emits an electric charge when attacking and when killed.

Feral Lost



The Lost appear only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.



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    (Hugo Stolz's dialogue)