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Be silent! You have all betrayed me. Kept me a prisoner and fed off me like vampires to prolong your pathetic, worthless lives. That is now over. Your time is up.

Lorenzo Cabot is the patriarch of the Cabot family, imprisoned in the basement of Parsons State Insane Asylum in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Pre-War life[]

Lorenzo was born on March 28, 1835.[1] He is married to Wilhelmina Cabot and they together have two children, Jack and Emogene. Lorenzo was a talented archaeologist with an interest in ancient civilizations, and was known for his theories on the existence of precursor civilizations which came before the earliest traces of humanity. His theories were scorned by the rest of the field as well as his own son, and Lorenzo's characteristic temper towards his detractors also did not earn him any favors.[2][3]

In 1894, Lorenzo and his partner Metternich undertook a secret expedition to the Rub' al Khali desert in the Middle East, seeking to uncover the lost city of Ubar and prove Lorenzo's theories. Their work paid off by May, leading to the discovery of a subterranean structure holding non-human remains and artifacts. Among these artifacts was a mysterious crown, which became the only item Lorenzo took from the site. He soon began wearing the crown and gained vast knowledge regarding the ancient civilization. Believing that there was much more to discover in the city, and intending to "teach" his family of his findings, Lorenzo had the site buried (against his partner's wishes) to protect its existence until he could return with his family to uncover its remaining secrets.[4]

Lorenzo returned to Boston a changed man, both physically and mentally. The artifact he wore greatly boosted his physical condition, halting his aging, increasing his strength, and even giving him psychic abilities such as telekinesis. It also could no longer be removed from him without causing great physical damage.[5][6] Furthermore, Lorenzo became increasingly psychotic, paranoid, and violent, posing a risk to everyone around him; his personality became unrecognizable to the rest of his family.[7][8] He proceeded to commit numerous crimes which would have landed him the death penalty had it not being for his family's influence. In July 1898, the family confined Lorenzo in the basement of Parsons State Insane Asylum to stop him from committing further harm.[6][9][10]


Lorenzo has remained in confinement since then while his son Jack studies the artifact, ostensibly in hopes of curing his father. An early development in Jack's research was the discovery of certain compounds in Lorenzo's blood; from these, Jack derived a serum which could halt aging. Using this serum, Lorenzo's family has been able to survive long past their natural lifespans, just like Lorenzo himself.[6] Lorenzo himself despises his family for their perceived betrayal and would like nothing more than to gain his freedom and take revenge on them.[9] He has otherwise spent the following four centuries contained underneath Parsons State. Even two centuries after the Great War, he is guarded by a network of mercenaries hired by the family, and his existence remains their greatest secret.

Trapped underneath Parsons, Lorenzo's abilities have been largely limited to his containment enclosure. As a result, most of his time has been spent "exploring [his] own mind," supposedly using the artifact to commune with the precursor civilization and gain their knowledge.[11][12] Under his new worldview, he has come to see human regulations and ethics as hindrances to his research. For him, the lawless wasteland is a perfect opportunity to pursue his interests with nothing capable of getting in his way -- a fact that his son is all too aware of.[10][13] Unbeknownst to his family, Lorenzo is working towards his escape, using his psychic influence to persuade a group of raiders to carry out his plans.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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The Secret of Cabot House: After killing Lefty and the raiders attacking Parsons State, Lorenzo will tell the Sole Survivor to release him, while Jack will tell them to kill Lorenzo in his cell.

  • If Lorenzo is released, he can still be killed. Lorenzo has a number of superhuman abilities, including unusually high Hit Points, innate Damage Resistance on par with a full suit of combat armor, and the ability to release short bursts of energy that can deflect grenades and push the player character away when in proximity.
  • If the player character releases Lorenzo and does not stop him afterwards, he will proceed to kill his family at their home and will reward the player character with an unlimited supply of the mysterious serum, albeit only a single vial at a time.

Other interactions[]

After finishing The Secret of Cabot House by siding with Lorenzo, the player character may run into him at one of several random encounter locations. He examines some dead ghoul settlers and tells the player character that he killed them to study their condition.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Lorenzo's suit
Lorenzo's Crown
10mm pistol


  • In Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, the set name of the Lorenzo Cabot unit states that he is usable in the Survivors faction. However, the lack of a faction keyword on Lorenzo's unit card indicates that he is an Unaligned unit.
  • In Fallout Shelter Online, a game exclusive to the Oceanic region, Lorenzo becomes interested in the Dunwich Borers mine (after visiting Pickman), believing it to have something to do with the Rub' al Khali. The English script mistranslates this as "Rubal Hari Desert."
  • Lorenzo is one of very few heroes in Fallout Shelter Online with one portrait rather than three.
    • His portrait depicts him standing in front of an art deco sculpture while producing a blue sphere of energy between his hands.


Lorenzo Cabot appears in Fallout 4, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, and Fallout Shelter Online.



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