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Longfellow's cabin is a location on the Island in 2287. It is a settlement that can be obtained by finishing the Walk in the Park quest and then talking to Old Longfellow.


A small island directly north of Far Harbor is home to Old Longfellow and his cabin. While in build mode, the Sole Survivor will notice the buildable area is large, about one third the size of Spectacle Island. However, using the full build area can be tricky due to sheer cliffs that drop into the water. Nevertheless, one is able to build on most of the island, around the main building and beyond.


A small path leads through the wind, surf, and rocks to the main path into his cabin. It is shallow enough through the shoals to not incur any radiation en route. The cabin is small, much like the bungalows present at Sunshine Tidings co-op. Inside is a bed along with various household goods.

Directly behind is the main workshop, along with a weapons workbench and power armor station. Fog condensers can be found surrounding the entire property along with a rickety wooden boardwalk along the cliffs above the shoreline. A half-sunken ship is on the coast to the west of the house and a small cemetery lies submerged just south of the island, near the pilings for Far Harbor.


  • One can create supply lines between Longfellow's cabin (or other Far Harbor settlements) and mainland settlements in the Commonwealth.
  • It is also possible to attract wandering merchants from the mainland by building Trade caravan posts in any owned Far Harbor settlement.
  • This settlement will be impossible to use (and constantly say that the player character cannot build here due to the fog, despite the very obvious fact the fog condensers are working) if one sides against Far Harbor without first claiming it via the appropriate side quest for Old Longfellow. However, the player character will retain control of this settlement if siding against Far Harbor if they already have control.


Longfellow's cabin appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Behind the scenes

The island upon which Longfellow's cabin is built corresponds to a real life location called Bar Island.