The long finned barrel is a weapon mod for the pipe bolt-action pistol, the pipe gun and the pipe revolver in Fallout 4. It requires at least rank 2 of the Gun Nut perk to craft.


The long finned barrel Provides superior range and sighted accuracy and better recoil in exchange for poor hip-fire accuracy. Using this mod gives no accuracy penalty while firing.


The recipe is the same for all weapons for which the mod can be crafted.

Copper (6)
Screw (4)
Icon range
Icon level
Long finned barrel (1)


Can be crafted on a weapons workbench.


  • PCIcon pc Dropped and purchased pipe revolvers consistently come equipped with (bolt-action) instead of (revolver) version. when this happens, the barrel mod menu shows two listings for finned barrel, one with the usual crafting ingredients, the other with a blank ingredient list. [verified]

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