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Lone Wolf Radio is an abandoned trailer in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. It is located south of Goodsprings, and south-southwest of the Goodsprings source.


An old, pirate broadcasting station from before the Great War, this trailer was used by a conspiracy theorist in his relentless campaign against the evils of the government, allegedly fighting the good fight with his voice. The nuclear holocaust broke the broadcaster. Little remains of them beyond leftover junk, non-functional radio equipment, heaps of empty whiskey bottles and shot glasses, and the last words painted inside the trailer: "Everyone is gone. I am all alone. Let it all end."[1]


The trailer itself is parked with its back facing a wall of rock. It contains scattered radio equipment, some scrap electronics, a few sensor modules, and a mattress. There is graffiti scrawled on the exterior wall reading "Keep out," and on the interior left-hand wall reading, "Everyone is gone. I am all alone. Let it all end."

Slight down the hill from Lone Wolf Radio's trailer is a small basin with clean water. Broc flowers grow in abundance around the water and approximately seven geckos have congregated around it as their watering hole.

Notable loot


  • The footlocker and a metal box can both be used for safe storage.
  • While it is an ideal spot for player housing, it is very dangerous to store equipment loosely around the camper. Like any other outside area, if an item is dropped (i.e leaving a shotgun beside the bed) it can easily clip into the floor and may disappear forever. The same goes for any storage crates dragged to the location.
  • The trailer contains most of the junk parts to fix ED-E in the side quest ED-E My Love, including two sensor modules and two scrap electronics.


Lone Wolf Radio appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

It was there to serve as an abandoned location to find tech based materials, nothing official story wise. I figured there was probably at least one crazy person near Vegas who would have had their own pirate radio station. He was the Lone Wolf against the world/government/etc… The guy who always has some conspiracy theory going on that he has to share with the world. (The inspiration for it came from when I was at the University of Oregon, every Saturday there was a guy who stood on a corner of the campus where everyone walked by. He had a personal microphone and speaker and would just babble on and on about one government conspiracy theory or the other. The radio shack was what I imagined he would have put together if he upgraded from travel speaker to pirate radio).Dini McMurry, location designer[2]

A creepypasta about Lone Wolf Radio and a child serial killer spread on the internet, it was notable for positing that it was possible for the Courier to kill or join the serial killer in killing children as a quest and that recordings and files of this still existed at Obsidian. When Joshua Sawyer was asked about it on a Twitch Q&A, he simply said "It's completely made up, all that stuff about Lone Wolf Radio is completely made up."[3]