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Who needs friends, anyway?

Lone Wanderer is a Charisma-based perk in Fallout 76.


Increased action points regeneration and decreased damage taken while not in a team.


Rank Description Form ID
1 When adventuring alone, take 10% less damage and gain 10% AP regen. 001D246B
2 When adventuring alone, take 15% less damage and gain 20% AP regen. 001D246D
3 When adventuring alone, take 20% less damage and gain 30% AP regen. 001D246E


  • The perk stacks with Dodgy, and Suppressor to effectively reduce incoming damage by 80%.
  • The perk checks if the player is on a team, rather than if the number of teammates is greater than 0, meaning that it will not work even if the player is on a team by themselves.

Behind the scenes

The perk is named after the Lone Wanderer, the player character of Fallout 3; the icon is modeled after its ending cutscene.