Plunder the mine for wealth before it collapses.

Event: Lode Baring is an public event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Harvest the mine for minerals and scrap before it collapses.

(In Abandoned mine site Kittery)

(In Abandoned mine shaft Elaine)

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The quest begins when a message announces to the player characters that one of the abandoned mines in the Ash Heap, Kittery or Elaine, has opened up again for harvesting scrap and minerals within before it collapses and is sealed off again for some time. Player characters in the vicinity of the Ash Heap will also feel the ground shake due to the rumbling caused by the mine reopening. Once at the mine's entrance, one player character will need to press the button to remove the debris blocking the mine entrance. Once the entrance has been cleared, player characters can proceeed into the mine itself. They have seven minutes to collect as much scrap and ore as they can while in the mine.

Inside, the mine will be full of Mole miners. There will also be three mining Protectrons that can be repaired to aid in the mining operations. Each one requires three steel to repair initially, and whenever the mole miners disable them to prevent the player characters from getting more profit from them. Keeping them operational yields Claim tokens that can be redeemed through the terminals found outside the mine in order to collect various mineral scrap harvested by the auto-miners. The number of claim tokens awarded by the auto-miners depend on how many are active at the time of the tokens being dispensed:

  • 1 auto-miner active = 1 claim token
  • 2 auto-miners active = 2 claim tokens
  • 3 auto-miners active = 4 claim tokens

More tokens redeemed means a larger payoff by doing the quest repeatedly when it is announced, especially with the ones awarded by the auto-miners when they speak of using tokens to collect what they harvest. There will also be various ore veins that can be harvested as well.

Once the timer for protecting the auto-miners and collecting scrap and ore expires, player characters have about one minute to reach the mine exit before the mine is sealed off again and the quest is completed. Any ore they collected is kept once back outside the mine to be smelted into scrap, along with anything looted from the mole miners as well, including weapons to scrap for possible mods, and other junk for crafting materials. 10 additional claim tokens are awarded for completing the quest.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Reopen the mine
Await the reopening of the mine
Sounds like a local mine is on the verge of reopening. I wonder what might be inside?
? Harvest the mine for minerals and scrap before it collapsesThe mine's open, but we've only got a short amount of time to pilfer its minerals. The broadcast also suggested we might be able to repair the local Auto-Miners, maybe get them working for us.
? Repair {AutoMinerXX}
? Keep {AutoMinerXX} running to earn Claim Tokens
?Icon checkEscape before the mine collapses!The roof on this place is about to go! We need to get out of here fast!


  • The automated radio message from Melody Larkin for The Bell Tolls will play upon receiving the miscellaneous quest to turn in the claim tokens at a claim terminal. If the player does not turn in the tokens and complete the quest, this message will play every time they join a server.

Behind the scenesEdit

The quest's name is a play-on-words of "load bearing," "baring" (or revealing), and "motherlode."


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