For the location in Fallout 3, see Lock and Load.
For the perk in Fallout 76, see Lock and Load (perk).

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Gametitle-FO76 Locked n Loaded.png
Mbox upcoming.pngThe following is based on Fallout 76 upcoming content.

Locked and Loaded, alternatively stylized as Locked & Loaded, is the seventh major update for Fallout 76, following Steel Dawn. It features improvements to the C.A.M.P. and Shelter system and SPECIAL loadouts, which allow the player to rearrange their character builds when they wish.



Daily Ops

  • Plan: Enclave floor medallion
  • Plan: BOS wall emblem
  • Plan: Wendigo tube
  • Plan: Science chalkboards
  • Plan: Pumpkin crop (non-tradeable) (Removed from current Public Test Server)[1]
  • Plan: Enclave covert scout armor (non-tradeable)(non-legendary crafting)
  • Plan: Enclave covert scout mask (non-tradeable)
  • Plan: Unstoppable Monster
  • Plan: Medical Malpractice

Treasure Hunter

  • Plan: Scorched tube
  • Plan: Neon light diner clock
  • Plan: Balloon arch
  • Plan: Bouquet of star balloon
  • Cursed rolling pin

Season 4: Cold Steel

  • Beekeeper mask
  • Power Patrol beret
  • Power Patrol blue beret
  • Beekeeper outfit
  • Icebreaker outfit
  • Power Patrol fatigues
  • Beehive
  • Armor Ace display frame
  • Female manniquin
  • Male manniquin
  • Power armor display
  • Cold Steel Assaultron stein
  • Gold toilet
  • Starburst brick floor and foundations
  • Cold Steel floors
  • Thick tree branch chandelier
  • Armor Ace power armor station
  • Brotherhood of Steel infantry statue
  • Nuka-Cola Collectron station
  • Framed Cold Steel gameboard
  • Cold Steel wallpaper
  • Cannonball pose
  • Skiing pose
  • Hot dog pose
  • Slalom pose
  • Cold Steel player icon
  • Icebreaker player icon
  • Doubletap player icon
  • Cold Steel icon 4 (TBA name??)
  • Commissioner Chaos player icon
  • Complete Chaos player icon
  • Mister Shivers player icon
  • Armor Ace backpack flair
  • Brickhouse backpack flair
  • Platnium backpack flair
  • Flamethrower tanks backpack
  • Commissioner Chaos power armor paint
  • Complete Chaos power power paint
  • Yukon Five power armor Excavator paint
  • Yukon Five power armor T-45 paint
  • Yukon Five power armor T-51 paint
  • Yukon Five power armor T-60 paint
  • Yukon Five power armor T-65 paint
  • Yukon Five power armor Ultracite paint
  • Yukon Five power armor X-01 paint
  • Death's Breath skin (Flamer)
  • Armor Ace paint (Handmade rifle)
  • Red Viper paint (Handmade rifle)
  • Hunting lever action rifle paint
  • Armor Ace paint (Plasma gatling)
  • Icebreaker (Power fist)
  • Sugar-free Nukashine
  • Rad Ant Wee Heavy

Fallout 1st season exclusives

  • Atomic Ranger power armor skin
  • Dr. Bones skeleton display
  • Cold Steel special player icon
  • Red Rocket backpack flair


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