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Lobotomites are an enemy type found in Big MT in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


The result of medical experiments performed at Big MT, most lobotomites were previous residents of the research facility or wanderers of the Mojave Wasteland that have been collected by the robotic drones and brought to Big MT's medical facility. There, they suffered in having all of their major organs replaced with electronic equivalents by the Sink's Auto-Doc routine. This routine was designed to keep all inhabitants of the Big MT inside and therefore secret, as only a brain inside a functioning human body can bypass the radar fence. The advanced Tesla coils that replaced the brains of the lobotomites were meant to allow individuals thusly transformed to cognitively function with relative normalcy, operating their augmented bodies remotely.

However, a problem with the Auto-Doc's programming meant that every captive processed instead had their brains lobotomized or completely destroyed, rendering them mindlessly aggressive shells of what they once were. Generations of lobotomites were maimed and permanently rendered as feral hostiles this way before the Courier arrived in 2281 and upon scanning their bullet-scarred brain for the extraction, the Auto-Doc was forced to correct its own programming to account for it, resulting in the first truly successful brain extraction in over 200 years.[1]

Lobotomites' bodies, or "skinvelopes," have been automated and are used for cleaning duties around Big MT.[2] They seem to have a proclivity for collecting random objects, as evidenced by the state of their "base" in the Cuckoo's Nest. They are actively hostile to living things, but function well enough to be able to fight alongside other lobotomites. Although they wear almost no armor, the modifications made to their bodies make them significantly tougher and more resistant to damage than the average human. Unable to talk normally, they mainly grunt but some can at times be heard saying "die," "stop you" and "never."

Dr. Dala calls them "skinvelopes." Her observations report that 43% of the time when two lobotomites are left together, they will either fight for dominance or "...inject bodily fluids into each others' orifices." The Think Tank makes use of lobotomites for their various experiments, they can be found inside many labs, and the Courier can splice them with dogs and robots in the X-8 research center; however, the Courier has very little to no control over the results of their splicing.


Typically, lobotomites wear a torn patient hood with a respirator, headphones and a pair of high-tech goggles, with straps to attach them all. They can be found all across Big MT, mostly around buildings and areas marked on the map.

Lobotomites wear lobotomite jumpsuits or patient gowns which offer very little protection against damage. This apparel has a low Damage Threshold, but the medium to high health of the lobotomites somewhat counterbalances this.

Lobotomites are armed with either a firearm or melee weapon. They carry more powerful weapons at higher player levels, and can pose a credible threat even to very high level players, since at very high levels they often carry hunting revolvers or brush guns. At all levels, melee-oriented lobotomites frequently carry Saturnite fists or proton axes.

Usually, they attack in groups of three, with two melee-oriented members and one ranged. A single night stalker occasionally can be found in their group, and nearby Y-17 trauma override harnesses will fight alongside lobotomies if both spot the Courier.

Notable lobotomites[]




  • Lobotomites have black skin around their eyes, including their eyelids. If they die with their eyes shut, this can make it appear as though their eyes have been gouged out. They also have a unique "lobotomy scarred" skin for their face.
  • Lobotomites will still spawn in great numbers at pre-designated locations after the completion of Old World Blues.
  • Lobotomites make the same sounds as a Fallout: New Vegas ghoul and a trog from Fallout 3. Some lobotomites equipped with melee weapons are completely silent, thus it is possible to be caught off-guard.
  • The Courier becomes a lobotomite upon visiting Big MT, but still keeps their mental faculties.
  • Randomly appearing lobotomites are always male, but a few female lobotomites can be encountered in the X-8 research center. These will not respawn.
  • The Courier is still considered a lobotomite to Dr. Klein and the other scientists upon completion of Old World Blues.


Lobotomites appear in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues. They also appeared on a loading screen of Fallout and they were to appear in Fallout 2 in a cut encounter.

Behind the scenes[]

Original sketch for above - interesting story behind this image. Jason and I had already done a first draft of the story for FO2, and at one point the player was to be ambushed by lobotomized creatures (lobotomites), when a renegade brotherhood soldier comes to his rescue. Get it? It's Fallout Tales # 2 and it was an illustration of a scene from FO2. Of course, the story was changed after FO1 was released, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.Leonard Boyarsky on No Mutants Allowed
  • In real life medical usage, a lobotomy involves crudely cutting the connections between the frontal lobes of the brain and the rest. Though very rarely used today because of antipsychotics, it was used most commonly in the 1940s to the 1950s to treat serious mental illnesses that otherwise required institution. Its effects often left the subject with debilitating mental defects, when not in a permanent catatonic state.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Lobotomites are notorious for spawning right in front of the player. For example, fast-traveling to Ulysses' Point and waiting for a few seconds will cause lobotomites to spawn near Higgs Village and in front of the entrance to Ulysses' Point as well. The lobotomite that spawns at the entrance to Ulysses' Point may actually exit from the entrance at times, but generally just pops up upon fast travel. [verified]



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    (Dr. Dala's dialogue)