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Living on the Edge is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

Far Harbor side quest: Living on the Edge
Help the citizens of Far Harbor.
(Optional) Help Captain Avery.
(Optional) Help the Mariner.
(Optional) Help Cassie Dalton.
Leads to: Safe Passage
Leads to: Hull Breach
Leads to: Blood Tide
Talk with Teddy Wright.
Reward: 400 XP
Leads to: Rite of Passage

Detailed walkthrough

Living on the Edge is the first of two overarching Harbormen quests. It has no actual target itself but serves as a checklist for a number of different Far Harbor side quests instead.

Finishing any of these quests also marks the respective optional task of Living on the Edge as complete. Once Blood Tide or both Hull Breach and Safe Passage quests are completed, Living on the Edge will be considered finished as well and Teddy Wright will ask the player character to complete the island's ancient Rite of Passage to become accepted by the locals.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Help the Citizens of Far HarborThe citizens of Far Harbor are in desperate need of help.
100 Meet Captain Avery
100 (Optional) Help Cassie Dalton
150 (Optional) Help the Mariner
300 (Optional) Help Captain Avery
500 (Optional) Help the Mariner again
590 Talk with Teddy Wright
700Quest finishedQuest CompletedAfter helping Far Harbor, Teddy Wright has devised a plan for me to gain their respect.
9000Quest failedQuest Failed


PCPC Sometime after completing the first quest for the town, Teddy Wright will continuously talk with you saying nothing but "You are a curious specimen". This can be fixed in a couple of ways:[verified]

  1. Having Old Longfellow as your companion is typically what fixes it due to his involvement with the conversation.
  2. Reloading a save.
  3. Leaving Far Harbor and then returning.
  4. Sleeping in a bed.
  5. Reloading the game.