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Defeat Camp McClintock's onslaught of "Commie Bots."

Live Fire Training Exercise is a side quest in Fallout 76.


The final stage of training is a simulated live fire exercise, where the recruits fight off a Communist invasion - represented by military grade bots.

Quick walkthrough

  • Forming a team with other player characters is advised but not necessary.
  • Start the quest from one of the combat training terminals marked by the quest marker.
  • Defeat the first wave consisting of one comrade eyebot and three communist sympathizers.
  • Defeat the second wave, identical to the first, consisting of one comrade eyebot and three communist sympathizers.
  • Defeat the final wave of one comrade eyebot, two communist sympathizers and a potentially legendary leveled communist trooper.

Detailed walkthrough

  • Once the first set of courses is complete, the dweller has to wrap up the final piece of training - the Live Fire exercise.
  • The waves consists typically of a comrade eyebot and three communist sympathizers. The final wave is headed by a legendary communist trooper.
  • Afterwards, the dweller has to report to the Master Sergeant to complete their graduation. Successfully graduating the training program at Camp McClintock makes the dweller a member of the US military and allows them to be integrated into the bunker's promotion system, granting access to the military wing.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 0:30 : Time until exercise beginsWe're about to face a force of armed Communists. We better take up strong positions.
20 Eliminate the initial group of "Communists"First batch of Commie bots are on their way. Time to take them down!
30 0:10 : Time until the next assaultThe first batch of Commie bots are done for. Time to catch our breath before the next batch shows up.
32 Eliminate the next group of "Communists"New Bolshevik bots inbound. They're about to taste the means of destruction!
40 0:10 : Time until the next assaultWe gave that batch of robots what's for. Now to heal up and prepare for the last set.
42Quest finishedEliminate the final group of "Communists"The last set of Mecha-Collectivists are on their way! One last batch to move into the scrap heap!