Live & Love is a perk magazine in Fallout 4.


Upon reading, issues of Live & Love grant a variant of the Live & Love perk, and there are 9 issues in total. Each issue gives a different companion-themed perk.

Magazine issues

Issue Location Location Description Perk Base ID
#1 Fabulous 1st Issue: Life Long Best Friends! Faneuil Hall On the small table (on the right), attic level, just after climbing the main staircase. Companions permanently gain +10 health. 00184DA7
#2 Nuke-The-Man! College Square Station On the safe behind the counter, at the station entrance interior, before descending the stairs. Companions permanently inflict +5% damage. 00184DB9
#3 Trim the Fat WRVR broadcast station On the table near the recording desk and wall computer. Companions permanently gain +10 carry weight. 00184DC6
#4 The Secretary Charmer Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates Inside the caravan trailer, east side of the estates (and swimming pool). Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading women. 00185CC2
#5 Talk Yourself Sober Revere Beach station On the concrete blocks by the cooking pot and steamer trunk, inside the promenade building, upper floor. Permanently gain +1 Luck from alcohol when traveling with a companion. 00185CCD
#6 Advice From Married Men Goodneighbor On top of the toilet, The Third Rail restroom, entrance area (north). Companions permanently gain +5 Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance. 001C2E24
#7 Beware The Man Handler Bunker Hill At the top of the monument. Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading men. 001C2E26
#8 An Experience to Remember Goodneighbor On the bar counter, just right of the entrance, in the lobby of Hotel Rexford. Permanently gain +5% XP while adventuring with a companion. 001C2E28
#9 I Married a Robot! Diamond City schoolhouse Inside the Schoolhouse bedroom, ground floor, on a concrete block near the beds. Robot companions permanently inflict +5% damage. 001D1CD6


  • As of patch patch 1.2, Live & Love still has no effect on Cait, Curie, Dogmeat, MacCready, or Preston Garvey. The player still gains bonuses that apply, but these companions do not.
  • The bonus experience from rank 8 does not apply when traveling with Dogmeat.
  • Rank 2 and rank 9 do not work unless the player also has rank 3.
  • Ranks 2 and 9 do not stack. Robotic companions will still only receive +5% damage.
  • Rank 5 conflicts with the third rank of Party Boy/Party Girl, only receiving +3 Luck while under the effects of alcohol. Needs testing of perk order, whether to avoid being intoxicated as you pick up the magazine, and whether it's fixed in patch 1.3.


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