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Live-fire training exercise is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape is found in a liquor store in Sutton, on the second floor table. It is only available while Final Departure is active and has not yet been completed.


Dave Strauss: Sutton... I grew up here. Seems kind of quiet and lonely now.

Melody Larkin: Well it ain't as lonely as you think. This place crawls with ferals, an' ferals is why we're here, rook. It's time for some live-fire training.

Dave Strauss: Ferals?! Those things give me the willies! All that hissin' and raspin' and jumpin' around... but then you remember they used to be folks like us. Oh no! What if some of them are my relations? Or, I mean, they used to be.

Melody Larkin: Hey! Get your head in the game, rook! Quit makin' these things out to be more than they are. We all come from around here, an' we all had families an' homes that we lost when the bombs fell. Sutton's just a place. The airport's home now. Get ready. I'm going to make some noise an' draw them out. Just remember your trainin' an' you'll do fine.

Dave Strauss: Oh lord, please forgive me if any of these things is a cousin.