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You are providing a service and we are providing payment. It is there your questions end. Understand?Daniel Littlehorn

Littlehorn & Associates is a firm in the Capital Wasteland which specializes in contract killing.


Almost nothing is known about the mysterious Littlehorn & Associates. They occasionally employ individuals who they feel suit their ends, although neither Daniel Littlehorn nor his glass-eyed associates will divulge anything about what those ends actually are.[1]

Headed by Daniel Littlehorn, the firm is the Regulators' counterpart and located in a large shed at the entrance to the scrapyard. If the Lone Wanderer has the Contract Killer perk, the firm will be the buyer for ears obtained by killing characters with good Karma. If the Lone Wanderer maintains or achieves a Very Evil level of Karma upon turning in any ear(s) to him, they will get a bonus.

Littlehorn & Associates runs low key throughout the Capital Wasteland, as Daniel Littlehorn tells the Lone Wanderer that his employees are all over, just the Lone Wanderer probably never noticed it. It is not revealed why Littlehorn wants ears from "good people" other than him mentioning something about maintaining a certain balance in the wastes. Daniel Littlehorn and the rest of Littlehorn & Associates see it best to give as little as possible personal or even business-related information to make everything go smoother.



If the Lone Wanderer kills one of the secretaries, rather than becoming hostile, the rest comment "better them than me."


Littlehorn & Associates appears only in Fallout 3.