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Little person is a term referring to a human with dwarfism.


Little people are noticeably shorter than other humans, with a distinctly proportioned silhouette. Apart from their appearance, there's no difference in mental potential. They can be servants or reach positions of power and influence like any other humans, particularly in the developed societies of New California.

Notable little people[]


Fallout 2[]


Little people appear only in Fallout and Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Little people are commonly seen in Fallout and Fallout 2 but not in any of the later Fallout games. All are represented by the same generic male sprite.
  • The term "little person", which is the term currently preferred by people with this disorder,[1] is used once in-game (in quotation marks, in a context that can be considered mocking).[2] Some little people are also referred to as "midgets" in the games, a term considered derogatory then and now[3][2] while "dwarf", which is accepted by some and considered offensive by others, is used in a script file.[4] At other times, the games refer to them descriptively as "little (...) guy",[5] "stocky fellow"[6] or "short, spry gentleman"[7] or don't note their appearance in in-game descriptions at all.[8][9]


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