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So we had a group of Chinese prisoners to experiment on... those were the days...Doctor Borous

Little Yangtze is a concentration camp in the northwest quadrant of Big MT in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


Before the Great War, Executive Order 99066 was used to round up and imprison Chinese and Chinese-American citizens in concentration camps across the United States, in response to the Sino-American War. Little Yangtze was one such concentration camp, but instead of simply being imprisoned indefinitely in horrific conditions, its prisoners were instead used as subjects for Big MT experiments.[1] The camp was essentially a "human farm" for the Think Tank.[2]

On its very first day of operations, the camp was filled with three entire trainloads of prisoners, some of who had a very limited grasp of English and had to be forced with nightsticks to carry out soldiers' commands.[3] It is not clear if the inmates were actually citizens of the United States, as they may very well have been abducted Chinese citizens or captured PLA infiltrators.[1][4][5]

The squalor of the camp, as well as abductions of inmates for research purposes and brain extraction (as Big MT was working on Robobrain technology at the time), resulted in constant tension among the prisoners and their guards. With no recourse or hope of salvation, the prisoners were constantly trying to escape. Any complaints about the abductions were dismissed by the camp commandant as superstitions about ghosts and punished with three weeks in solitary confinement.[6] The constant escapes and resulting "processing," as well as pulling triple shifts had a negative impact on the soldiers watching the camp and their morale. Eventually, the camp commandant requisitioned freshly prototyped explosive collars for a trial run: All prisoners were fitted with them and would be killed instantly if they crossed the camp perimeter.[7]

After the War, the military abandoned Big MT and left behind the prisoners still locked up in the camp. The radioactive fallout turned the survivors into ghouls, but due to the bomb collars on their necks, leaving the camp remained ill-advised. As it stands, they were forced to eke out an existence for over two centuries, locked inside the prison camp. In the late 23rd century, Elijah rediscovered Big MT and for a time used Little Yangtze as his base of operations, reverse engineering the technology used to force prisoners into submission for future use in breaching the Sierra Madre, searching for a specific frequency, and used the bomb collars and the prisoners as test subjects.[8] Many of the prisoners were insane and suicidal, with many rushing the gates whenever they spotted him, exploding the moment they left the perimeter.[9]


Prison camp[]

Situated in the northwest quadrant of the crater, the prison camp is a fenced-in area with four gates. The interior is filled with field tents containing rusted bunk beds, with a number of makeshift graves outside. The small surviving population of insane, ghoulified survivors continue to eke out an existence, unable to leave the perimeter. Two former inmates, ghouls Number 27 and Number 34, managed to escape the perimeter, but continue to shamble around the perimeter with little grasp of their remaining mental faculties.


North of the camp is a collapsed building containing Christine's CoS silencer rifle, a dose of steady and ammunition on the second floor. The building was used by Christine Royce as a shooting position while she tracked down Elijah. However, she was captured when she tried to kill the rogue elder.


The camp has a single watchtower, which was used by Elijah as a workshop during his first days at Big MT. When he was forced to move due to the run-in with Christine, he left behind his LAER, alongside deactivated bomb collars and other work materials he used to crack the bomb collars.

Notable loot[]


  • With high volume, the sound from the speakers that emit signals from Dead Money on the loudspeakers above each gate can be heard, as well as whispers when standing around the makeshift gravestones. These whispers occur with most graveyards, and the sound is listed below the "Effects" category in the audio settings. One example of these faint sounds is at the Goodsprings Cemetery, where the same whispers will be heard.
  • There is a Sierra Madre poster on the floor in the watchtower.
  • If the survivors chase the player character near any of the gates, their collars will inevitably explode, killing them.
  • Many sentry bots are lying dead or half-buried by the entrance facing the Think Tank.
  • In the Japanese version where human and ghoul characters' body parts cannot be destroyed, most cases of headless bodies are replaced with gore bags. The dead ghoul prisoner in the Little Yangtze watchtower, however, remains as it is, with its head attached.


Little Yangtze appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Directly south of the western gate is a truck stuck halfway into the side of the ridge with a green puddle underneath it. The front half is on the other side of the ridge. With the Wild Wasteland trait, it has the license plate Rokit 88, which is the same as the rocket truck that Buckaroo Banzai drives in the film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.
  • The names of the two unique ghouls are a reference to the novel The Count of Monte Cristo in which the protagonist, Dantes, is assigned the number 34 and his cellmate is assigned the number 27.


  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 The dead Yangtze prisoner in the watchtower may disappear.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 In the watchtower, if the head of the dead Yangtze survivor is removed, then the player character leaves the building and returns again, a new head will be spawned.[verified]



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