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The Little Nuka Gift Shop is an unmarked location in Bradberton in Nuka-World in 2287.


This small gift shop catered to Nuka-World visitors before the Great War. The off-site shop was granted permission to operate by the Nuka-Cola Corporation, and offered products such as Cappy ashtrays and candy cigarettes.[1] Employees were responsible for being familiar with the current promotional offers, such as year-round sales on t-shirts and visors, and park ticket discounts of 10% if $50 worth of merchandise was purchased.[2]

The promotional offerings were different from those offered at the park itself, as the gift shop did not accept the same used Nuka-Cola bottles in exchange for a $15.00 discount on park admission, directing customers to purchase such discount tickets at the Nuka-World gates instead.[3] The shop owners used a few acres of land to charge for parking at a $15.00 hourly rate, requiring grass parking only and absolving themselves of any responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen vehicles.[4]

Wishing to maintain the gift shop's relationship with the Nuka-Cola Corporation, a strict policy against selling off-brand products in place of authentic equivalents was established. Employees were advised to watch for such counterfeits, which may be spelled incorrectly or lack the official Nuka-Cola logo.[5]


The gift shop is across the street from the playground in the southeast part of town. A mannequin hangs out the front display window. The first floor features a Novice-locked terminal on the counter and an Expert-locked wall safe behind the counter. Two skeletons are on the ground nearby, with one surrounded by splattered blood. The second floor may be reached via a staircase or a section of collapsed floor serving as a ramp. The entire store is adorned with Nuka-World and Nuka-Cola banners and posters, and merchandise is scattered on the ground and on shelving units.


The Little Nuka Gift Shop appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.