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This article is a comprehensive, non-exhaustive list of known tribes assimilated or destroyed by the Legion through conquest, subterfuge, diplomacy or both. In October 2281, the list of tribes conquered by the Legion numbers 87.[1][2]


This section lists all tribes confirmed as assimilated, meaning integrated into the Legion and their tribal identities and legacy destroyed.

Grand Canyon

The first seven tribes that formed the basis of the Legion were all located in the Grand Canyon area. Some minor tribal settlements managed to evade notice but were eventually all united.

  • Blackfoot - The first tribe led into battle by Caesar.
  • Fredonians - One of the original seven tribes.[3]
  • Kaibabs - One of the original seven tribes and the first tribe to join Caesar after the Blackfoots.[3]


  • Twisted Hairs - The home tribe of Ulysses, who served as scouts for the Legion during their conquest of Arizona; forcibly assimilated, with malcontents crucified along Interstate 40.[4]
  • Hidebarks - The 67th tribe conquered by the Legion. By some accounts, also the home tribe of Legate Lanius.
  • Painted Rock - Members of this tribe are some of the longest-serving and most dangerous veterans of the Legion.[5]



  • Sun Dogs - Conquered sometime after 2276.


This section makes up the tribes that were destroyed by Caesar's Legion due to either not surrendering to Caesar's rule or not being seen fit to be assimilated into the Legion proper. A total of nine known tribes conquered by the Legion have been exterminated due to various reasons.[6]

Grand Canyon

  • Ridgers - The first tribe conquered and exterminated by Blackfoots under Caesar's and Joshua Graham's command. All men, women, and children were killed.[7]



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