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The following page lists all Vault-Tec Corporation Vault series shelters and facilities inspired by them.

Numbered Vaults

Name Image Location and construction Details Game
Vault 3 FNV Vault 3 door.png Las Vegas, Nevada
(Mojave Wasteland)
Control vault Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 7 VaultTecLogo.png New California NA Fallout: New California
Vault 8 Fo2 Vault 8 Entry.png Vault City, New California Control vault Fallout 2
Vault 11 Vault 11 door.jpg Mojave Desert, Nevada
(Mojave Wasteland)
Experiment vault: Determine people's willingness to sacrifice others to ensure the safety of the remaining population Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 12 Fo1 Vault 12 Level 1.png Bakersfield, California
(Necropolis, New California)
Experiment vault: Study the effects of radiation on people; vault door does not close Fallout
Vault 13 FO1Vault13Intro.png Southern California
(New California)
Control vault Fallout
Vault 15 Fo1 Vault 15 Entrance.png Southern California
(New California)
Experimental vault: Stay closed for 50 years, let in people of diverse ideologies and cultures and see how they interact Fallout
Fallout 2
Vault 17 VaultTecLogo.png NA NA Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 19 Vault 19.png Mojave Desert, Nevada
(Mojave Wasteland)
Experimental vault: See if paranoia can be induced through non-chemical and non-violent means Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 21 NewVegasStripThird.png Las Vegas, Nevada
(New Vegas Strip, Mojave Wasteland)
Experimental vault: Study the evolution of a society where conflict is resolved through chance (i.e. gambling) Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 22 Vault 22.jpg Mojave Desert, Nevada
(Mojave Wasteland)
Experimental vault: Not an experiment on its inhabitants, but rather, research agriculture Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 29 VaultTecLogo.png West Coast No purpose known, but said to house "obnoxious rich teenagers" Fallout 76
Vault 34 Outside the vault34 blast.jpg Mojave Desert, Nevada
(Mojave Wasteland)
Experiment vault: Fill the vault with weapons and see if people will attack others Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 44 VaultTecLogo.png New California NA Fallout: New California
Vault 51
Vltsignwelcome01 51 d.png
Vault51.png West Virginia
(The Forest, Appalachia)
Experiment vault: Let a computer determine the best leader (it backfired when it accidentally created crises)
Occupants: 52
Fallout 76
Vault 63 F76 Vault 63 Main Door.png West Virginia
(Ash Heap, Appalachia)
Can't be entered; true purpose currently unknown Fallout 76
Vault 75
VltSignWelcome04 75 d.png
VaultSuitNumber75dirty d.png
Vault 75 entrance.png Malden, Massachusetts
(The Commonwealth)
Experimental vault: Refine human genetics; raise kids to age 18; only let the "best" live and kill the rest
Occupants: 88[1]
Fallout 4
Vault 76 F76 Vault 76 Main Door.png West Virginia
(The Forest, Appalachia)
Began: February 2065
End: October 2069[2]
Control vault (built for America's tricentenary, house America's "best" and "brightest")
Occupants: 88[3]
Duration: 240 months[2]
Equipment: Brainpower 4, LightLife Geo-Thermal, General Atomics Nuclear Power[2]
Fallout 76
Vault 77 VaultTecLogo.png NA NA Fallout 3
Vault 79 FO76WL V79 NEW DOOR.png West Virginia
(Savage Divide, Appalachia)
Unclarified if control vault or not; built in secrecy to contain America's gold reserves Fallout 76
Vault 81
VltSignWelcome03 81 d.png
VaultSuitNumber81dirty d.png
Vault 81door.jpg Boston, Massachusetts
(The Commonwealth)
Experiment vault: Create a cure to all of humanity's illnesses, but use residents as test subjects
Occupants 96[4]
Fallout 4
Vault 84 VaultTecLogo.png NA NA Fallout: The Board Game
Vault 87 Vault 87 gear door.jpg Northeastern Virginia
(Capital Wasteland)
Began: May 2066
End: December 2071[5]
Experiment vault: Study the effects of the Forced Evolutionary Virus on humans
Equipment: Cyberbrain v2.3, General Atomics Nuclear Power, Versicorps Fusion Power[5]
Fallout 3
Vault 88
DLC06VltSignWelcome88 01 d.png
E3 Fallout4 VaultTecWorkshop Door.png Quincy, Massachusetts
(The Commonwealth)
Experiment vault: Test prototype devices to put in other vaults Fallout 4
Vault 92 FO3 Vault 92 door closed.jpg Olney, Maryland
(Capital Wasteland)
Began: May 2062
End: May 2068[6]
Experiment vault: Test psychological effects using white noise to induce aggression
Occupants: 245
Duration: 100 years[6]
Equipment: Brainpower 7, General Atomics Nuclear Power[6]
Fallout 3
Vault 94 Vault 94 door.png West Virginia
(The Mire, Appalachia)
Experiment vault: Test the adaptability of non-violent ideological groups when presented with post-apocalyptic societies Fallout 76
Vault 95
VltSignWelcome02 95 d.png
VaultSuitNumber95dirty d.png
FO4 Vault 95 TV 1.png Massachusetts
(The Commonwealth)
Experiment vault: See if chem addicts can successfully recover from addictions
Occupants 72[7]
Fallout 4
Vault 96 FO76SR Vault 96 door.png West Virginia
(Savage Divide, Appalachia)
Experiment vault: Conduct genetic experiments on people to research mutated fauna and develop countermeasures Fallout 76
Vault 101
VaultSuitNumber101dirty d.png
Vault 101 entrance ext.jpg West of Springvale, Virginia
(Capital Wasteland)
Experiment vault: Stay closed indefinitely, in order to study the role of the overseer when a vault never opened Fallout 3
Vault 106 Vault 106 door geck.jpg Virginia
(Capital Wasteland)
Began: May 2064
End: December 2069[8]
Experiment vault: Release psychoactive drugs into air filtration system to research the results on people
Occupants: 107
Duration: 147 months[8]
Equipment: Think Machine 2800x, Rok-Solid Brand Geo-Thermal, General Atomics Nuclear Power[8]
Fallout 3
Vault 108 Vault 108 vault door.png North of Washington, D.C., Maryland
(Capital Wasteland)
Began: March 2061
End: December 2069[9]
Experiment vault: Test conflicts in leadership
Occupants: 475
Duration: 38 years[9]
Equipment: General Atomics Nuclear Power, Steam Whistle Mini Geo-Thermal[9]
Fallout 3
Vault 109 VaultTecLogo.png NA NA Fallout: The Board Game
Vault 111
VSignWelcome01 d.png
Fo4 V111 TV 11.png Sanctuary Hills, Massachusetts
(The Commonwealth)
Experiment vault: Cryogenically freeze test subjects and observe the long-term effects Fallout 4
Vault 112 Vault112.jpg Smith Casey's garage, Virginia
(Capital Wasteland)
Began: November 2068
End: June 2074[10]
Experiment vault: Put people in a virtual simulation
Occupants: 85
Duration: Indefinite[10]
Equipment: Think Machine 3600r, Sure Power Geo-Thermal, X-Tra Sure Power Geo-Thermal[10]
Fallout 3
Vault 114
VltSignWelcome01 114 d.png
VaultSuitNumber114dirty d.png
Vault114.jpg Boston, Massachusetts
(The Commonwealth)
Experiment vault: Only let rich people in, remove their luxury and authority, assign incompetent overseer
Occupants: 120[11]
Fallout 4
Vault 118
VltSignWelcome118 01 d.png
FO4-FarHarbor-Vault118-Entrance.jpeg Cliff's Edge Hotel, Mount Desert Island, Maine
(The Island)
Experiment vault: Put 10 rich people in pristine area; put 300 poor people in dismal conditions; observe results Fallout 4

Named Vaults

Name Image Location and construction Details Game
Securitron vault WC You and What Army.jpg Fortification Hill, Arizona
(The Fort, Mojave Wasteland)
NA Fallout: New Vegas
Los Angeles vault Fo1 Demonstration Vault.png Los Angeles, California
(Boneyard, New California)
Originally merely a demonstration vault, which actually helped people survive the Great War Fallout
Museum of Technology exhibit vault FO3 Museum of Tech interior 7.jpg The Mall, Washington D.C.
(Capital Wasteland)
Merely an exhibit to advertise the vaults Fallout 3
Vault-Tec: Among the Stars - Arcturus I
Arcturus01 d.png
AmongTheStars-Entrance-NukaWorld.jpg Nuka-World, Massachusetts An amusement park attraction to get people interested in buying vault resident spots Fallout 4
Vault-Tec University training vault F76 VTU Vault Atrium.png Morgantown, West Virginia
(The Forest, Appalachia)
Neither a control or experiment vault; simply meant to teach Vault-Tec and overseers about vaults Fallout 76
The Whitespring bunker Whitespring bunker exterior.png The Whitespring, West Virginia
(Savage Divide, Appalachia)
Government fallout shelter to house members of the US senate to ensure continuity of government Fallout 76
Makeshift vault FO76 Makeshift Vault.png West Virginia
(Toxic Valley, Appalachia)
A work-in-progress vault made by Vault-Tec employees after learning the company would not allow them into other vaults Fallout 76

Non-canon, unused and cut Vaults

Name Image Location and construction Details Game
Vault 0 V0 bos0117.jpg Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
(The Belt)
Control vault Fallout Tactics
Vault prototype Vault prototype.png Texas No original purpose known; currently used as a base for Brotherhood of Steel in Texas Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
Secret vault Secret Vault entrance.png Los, Texas Meant for Vault-Tec employees to survive Great War and help them conduct research Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
Unused or cut Design documents and promotional
Name Game
Vault 24 Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 65 Fallout 76
Vault 74 Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 100 Fallout 3
Vault 113 Fallout 4
Vault 117 Fallout 4
Vault 120 Fallout 4
Vault 121 Fallout 4
Burkittsville vault Fallout 3
Name Source
Vault 1 Van Buren
Vault 10 The Art of Fallout 4
Vault 27 Fallout Bible
Vault 36 Fallout Bible
Vault 39 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2
Vault 42 Fallout Bible
Vault 43 One Man, and a Crate of Puppets
Vault 53 Fallout Bible
Vault 55 Fallout Bible
Vault 56 Fallout Bible
Vault 68 Fallout Bible
Vault 69 One Man, and a Crate of Puppets
Vault 70 Van Buren
Vault 77 One Man, and a Crate of Puppets