What follows is a list of all known Brotherhood of Steel chapters. A note on terminology: A rogue Brotherhood of Steel chapter is a division of the Brotherhood that either does not recognize the authority of Lost Hills or has significantly deviated, up to and including total abandonment of, Brotherhood ideology and the Codex. While these chapters may continue to use the name, rank system and technology of the Brotherhood, they are not seen as legitimate by the Brotherhood proper.


Name Description Locations Status or dates active
The original Brotherhood formed by Roger Maxson in 2077. Lost Hills
Observation bunkers at the Den, Shady Sands, and San Francisco
2077 - ? (still active)
A chapter that was founded by Paladin Elizabeth Taggerdy, wiped out by the Scorched by 2102. Fort Defiance
Camp Venture
Grafton Dam
Thunder Mountain power plant
2077 - 2098[1]
A rogue chapter, reformed under Elder Owyn Lyons following his open violation of mission parameters and defiance of Brotherhood Elders at Lost Hills. Citadel
Galaxy News Radio Plaza
Washington Monument
2253 - 2283
A full chapter formed in the Mojave Wasteland by Elder Elijah, nearly destroyed in Operation: Sunburst. Hidden Valley
Bunker 13
Lake Mead safehouse
2260s[2] - ? (under lockdown)
A loyalist chapter formed under Protector Henry Casdin in the wake of the Schism in Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel. Fort Independence
VSS facility
2276 - 2283
Reformed from Lyon's group and Outcasts by Arthur Maxson into loyalist division, operating in the Capital Wasteland and the Commonwealth. Citadel
The Prydwen
Cambridge Police Station
Boston Airport
2283 - ? (still active)
Chicago Brotherhood of Steel A rogue chapter of the Brotherhood Chicago Unknown (Operating as of 2277)

Non-canon chaptersEdit

The following chapters feature in Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. For Bethesda's purposes, neither of the games happened.[3]

Name Description Location Status
A rogue chapter of the Brotherhood, reformed under General Simon Barnaky into a new faction subjugating the wasteland and its population. Midwest
Bunker Alpha
Bunker Beta
Bunker Delta
Bunker Epsilon
Bunker Gamma
Reduced prominence (2277)
Maxson Bunker Established as a forward operating base in Southern Colorado for further operations out east. War with the NCR soon broke out, with morale sinking as the war dragged on. An extremist brotherhood group, the Circle of Steel was based here. Maxson Bunker Unknown
Montana chapter Unknown Montana bunker Unknown
A military expedition under Rhombus, aimed against Attis and his resurgent super mutant army Texas
Fort Worth
Deactivated following conclusion of campaign
Alaskan Expedition Initially an expedition to find advanced military technology in Alaska, the Brotherhood became cruel tyrants over the region Fort Williamette
Brotherhood North American Forward Operations Base
Brotherhood re-education camps
Alaskan Pipeline
Overthrown by the revolutionary, survivalist group known as the Cause around a century after the Great War
Florida Expedition An offshoot of the Midwestern Brotherhood seeking to end an irradiated G.E.C.K. that has created a number of mutant plants, animals, and fungi. Florida Uknown


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  2. The date is estimated based on Veronica Santangelo's age and her statement about Elijah being sent out East during her lifetime.
  3. Todd Howard: "For our purposes, neither Fallout Tactics nor Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel happened."
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