A lipoplasticator is a complex pre-War medical device that was used for remodeling fat tissue in patients.


Talented medical professionals can use the device to perform full facial reconstruction, not just in case of damage, but also to completely remodel a person's face. The knowledge and skill necessary to perform these alterations was largely destroyed in the Great War - by 2277, the only known person who knows how to use the micro dermal graftilizer and lipoplasticator to achieve a proper effect is Horace Pinkerton. Harkness is the result.[1][2][3]


Lipoplasticators are mentioned only in Fallout 3.


  1. The Lone Wanderer: "Maybe 100 caps will jog your memory?"
    Horace Pinkerton: "It's things like bottlecaps, and property, and ownership and all that nonsense that makes a person think he's better than another. Bah! But I'll take your caps just the same. This android came in as one person, and he left as someone else. I replaced his face AND his memories! Don't believe anyone's done that before. Certainly not down here. That Commonwealth tech isn't all that fancy when it comes down to it. I'm also the only one in the Wasteland with the skill and the nerve to perform facial surgery. That android flesh ain't so different than ours. You want proof? I documented the whole thing. So I could rub it in the face of Dr. Li when I need to rankle her feathers. I hate that snooty bitch."
    (Horace Pinkerton's dialogue)
  2. We got the tech, now we need the doc.
  3. Oh man! A Circuit Neuralizer!
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