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This page lists all traits in Lionheart, a fantasy RPG which uses the SPECIAL character system.
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General informationEdit

One can choose up to two traits when designing a character (or none at all). In Lionheart a different approach to racial traits was chosen in comparison to Fallout Tactics. For each race one is free to choose (or not) any of the regular list of traits, but if the character belonged to one of the "tainted" races (i.e. everyone except pureblood humans), the player has to choose one of the list of racial traits available to their race. These traits are the only thing that distinguish the races from humans, and often have no penalty other than marking the character as tainted.

General traitsEdit

Trait Race Benefit Penalty
Arrows for Words all +15 Ranged Weapon -10 Speech
-10 Barter
Ascetic all +10 extra skill points to spend -10% Gold Rate
Fast Metabolism Pureblood, Sylvant, Demonkin. Healing Rate +1 -10% Poison Resistance & Disease Resistance
Finesse all Critical Chance increased by 10% Physical attacks do -20% damage
Gifted all +1 to all stats -10 to all non-spell skills
4 less skill points per level
Good Natured all +25 Barter -5 One-Handed Melee, Two-Handed Melee and Unarmed
Heavy Handed all +2 damage in melee combat Critical Hits have a -30 modifier to Critical Chance
Nasty Disposition all +10 One-Handed Melee, Two-Handed Melee and Unarmed -10 Barter & Speech
One Hander all +10 One-Handed Melee -10 Two-Handed Melee
-10 Ranged Weapon
Renaissance Man all +1 Intelligence -10 One-Handed Melee, Two-Handed Melee, Unarmed & Ranged Weapon
-3 Armor Class
Skilled all +5 additional Skill points at level up Perk Rate one level slower
Small Frame Pureblood, Sylvant, Demonkin. +1 Agility -50 Carry Weight
Studious Tinkerer all +3 levels to starting spells -15 Lockpick
-1 Perception
-10 Ranged Weapon
Thick Skinned all +5% all Damage Resistances
+4 Armor Class
-1 Intelligence
-10 Lockpick

Racial traitsEdit

Demonkin traitsEdit

Trait Race Benefit Penalty
Acid Blood Demonkin 1 point of damage for every 10 inflicted on the player in a single strike -5% to Crushing and Slashing resistances
Bloody Talons Demonkin +4 to Unarmed skill
+1 to Unarmed damage
-8 to Ranged Weapon and Lockpick skills
Demonic Frenzy Demonkin +1 Strength
+15 One-Handed Melee skill
Ability to pass as human
-1 to Intelligence and Charisma
Diabloism Demonkin Thought Magic spells cost 10% less Mana to cast
Ability to pass as human
All Divine Magic spells cost 10% more to cast
Forked Tongue Demonkin +15 Speech
Ability to pass as human
-5 on all combat skills
Infernal Quickness Demonkin +10% movement speed
Ability to pass as human
-1 Perception
Lucky Devil Demonkin +1 Luck
Ability to pass as human
-15 Speech
Scaly Hide Demonkin +5 Armor Class
+5 Piercing Resistance
+10 to Fire Resistance
-1 Charisma
Shroud of Darkness Demonkin +20 Sneak
+5 Armor Class
-1 Perception
Vampiric Fury Demonkin For every 10 damage points you inflict, you heal 1 Hit Point
Ability to pass as human.
All healing spells and potions are only half as effective.

Feralkin traitsEdit

Trait Race Benefit Penalty
Beast of Burden Feralkin +20 pounds Carry Weight -10 Sneak
Chameleon Feralkin +20 Sneak -5 Armor Class
-5% Crushing Resistance
Eagle Eye Feralkin +15 Ranged Weapon -30 pounds Carry Weight
Elephant Hide Feralkin +1 Slashing and Crushing damage thresholds
+5% Slashing and Crushing resistances
-1 Agility, -10 Lockpick
Monkey Brains Feralkin +5 Speech
Find Traps/Secret Doors
-10 Barter
-5 Ranged Weapon
Rabid Fervor Feralkin +15 One-Handed Melee
Two-Handed Melee and Unarmed
+5% Critical Chance
-1 Intelligence and Perception
Regeneration Feralkin +1 healing rate -15 Disease and Poison Resistance
Serpent's Tongue Feralkin +15 Speech -8% Acid, Fire, and Electrical Resistance
Tusks Feralkin +1 damage in Unarmed combat when Speech fails -15 Speech
Wolf Hide Feralkin +7 to Armor Class
+5 to Piercing and Slashing damage
-1 Charisma
-7 Disease Resistance
-5 Fire Resistance

Sylvant traitsEdit

Trait Race Benefit Penalty
Bond of Nature Sylvant Tribal Magic spells cost 10% less Mana to cast Divine Magic spells cost 10% more Mana to cast
Dark Gift Sylvant +15 Speech Thought Magic spells cost 10% more Mana to cast
Earth Ancestry Sylvant +1 Unarmed damage -10% movement rate
Fiery Ancestry Sylvant +10% Fire Spell damage
+20 Fire Resistance
-10% Cold Spell damage
-20 Cold Damage
Frost Ancestry Sylvant +10% Cold Spell damage
+20 Cold Resistance
-10% Fire Spell damage
-20 Fire Resistance
Gossamer Skin Sylvant +15 Sneak -10 Slashing Resistance
Polyelemental Ancestry Sylvant +10% to Acid, Cold, Disease, Electrical, Fire, and Poison Resistance -5% Crushing, Piercing, and Slashing Resistance
Skin of Thorns Sylvant +10% Crushing, Piercing and Slashing Resistance
10% of all physical damage taken by the player is given back to your attacker
-1 Charisma
-10% Acid, Cold, Disease, Electrical, Fire and Poison Resistance
-10% Divine Magic spells cost
Storm of Arrows Sylvant +2 Damage with bows and crossbows -10% Crushing and Slashing resistance
Wind Ancestry Sylvant +1 Agility
+10 Armor Class
-1 Strength, -20 Carry Weight