Scorched are amassing! Fortunately, Fort Defiance's defenses are online.

Event: Line in the Sand is a public event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthroughEdit

This event has the player character or team fight against hordes of Scorched and two scorchbeasts while defending the sonic generator. The item reward for completion contains random supplies, weapons and/or armor pieces.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Clear the initial Scorched from the area and repair the sonic generator and the automated surface to air missile (ASAM). When ready, access the terminal and initiate the pre-combat check. Defend the sonic generator and repair it if it gets destroyed. Focus on defeating the Scorched and allow the ASAM to take care of the scorchbeasts. The only few ways to fail this event is to let the event timer run out, or to let the timer to repair the generator run out. While not a quest requirement, repair of the ASAM may also be necessary as it will be difficult to kill the scorchbeasts if it is damaged and goes offline.

If the player character lets an ASAM defeat a scorchbeast without personally damaging it, they will not be able to loot the carcass. They will receive experience points for the event but will not receive XP for the kill (which are higher than the points for the event). The kill will also not count toward other quests like Officer on Deck. However, the corpse may still be looted for scorchbeast meat if the player character has the Butcher's Bounty perk card equipped, and for viable scorchbeast DNA for the daily quest Heart of the Enemy.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Repair the Sonic GeneratorA mass of Scorched has been detected. If we get the Sonic Generator online we can fight them using the Brotherhood of Steel's defenses.
? Initiate Pre-Combat Check
? Brace for Scorchbeast assault
? Defend the Sonic Generator
? Repair the Sonic Generator
? Fight off the first waveThe Scorched are attacking Fort Defiance. We have to use the Brotherhood's defenses to defeat them.
? Fight off the second wave
?Icon checkFight off the last wave


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