Linden's Outcast power armor is a suit of power armor belonging to Branchtender Linden, a former Outcast of the Brotherhood of Steel.


Linden's armor is a moderately resilient suit of power armor, with the added bonus of giving an increase of 5 in the Big Guns skill, an exception to the normal T-45d power armor modifiers.


It can be obtained from him if you use the Laurel's liniment on Harold's heart during the Oasis quest. When you finish the quest, talk to Branchtender Linden for your reward.

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  • Despite visually being identical to normal Outcast power armor, the game treats it as standard faction-less variant of T-45d. As such, Protector Casdin will not confiscate Linden's if you are wearing it while talking to him.
  • Likewise, the Outcasts that appear in the Operation: Anchorage add-on do not recognize Linden's armor as their own, and will refer to you as a "local" even if you wear it.
  • Linden's armor, the Bombshell armor, and Lag-Bolt's combat armor are the only three armors in the game that enhance the Big Guns skill.
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