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Abe himself used this to kill Radscorpions. Honest.— In-game description

Lincoln's repeater is a weapon that appears in Fallout Shelter.


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A lever-action rifle is a weapon that uses a lever to cycle the action. This lever is typically integral to the trigger guard, and cycles the breech bolt rearward in the receiver as the action is operated. As the breech bolt moves rearward, an attached extractor pulls the spent cartridge from the chamber and an extractor propels the empty cartridge either from the top of the receiver or through a port on the side. As this occurs, an unfired cartridge is pushed from the magazine into the carrier assembly, and then into the chamber, as the action cycles. The rearward motion of the breech bolt then cocks the hammer and engages the trigger sear, preparing the firearm to fire. This can typically be repeated as fast as the shooter is capable of, until the magazine is empty. Lever-action rifles typically use tube magazines, and either load through a gate on the receiver or by removing an end cap on the magazine tube, usually near the muzzle.


Lincoln's repeater is a rifle in Fallout Shelter that uses a lever to load cartridges into the barrel's chamber for firing. Dealing a minimum of 4 damage per attack, it has the second lowest damage output for a rifle in the game.



Weapon name Weapon damage Weapon value Rarity
Rusty lever-action rifle 4 10 common
Lever-action rifle 4-5 10 common
Enhanced lever-action rifle 4-6 10 common
Hardened lever-action rifle 4-7 100 rare
Armor piercing lever-action rifle 4-8 100 rare
Lincoln's repeater 4-9 500 legendary



A high Perception statistic is needed to effectively create the Lincoln's repeater.

Globe (2)
Shovel (1)
Caps x15,750
Lincoln's repeater (1)