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For an overview of lever-action rifle models, see Lever-action rifle.
For the unique weapon in Fallout Shelter, see Lincoln's repeater (Fallout Shelter).

Lincoln's repeater is a unique lever-action rifle in Fallout 3.


Lincoln's repeater blown up

Lincoln's repeater expanded

Lincoln's repeater is a very high-powered lever-action rifle. Lincoln's repeater uses a .44 Magnum round, making it the only rifle using that round in the game. It is also the strongest single shot, precision rifle in the game, although it only has a x2 critical multiplier and a very slow rate of fire. It lacks a scope, but it also has a 0 spread (perfect accuracy), meaning accuracy at long range can be maintained by ignoring the bugged scope auto-aim. It also has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds and is very effective at long range in V.A.T.S.


Lincoln's repeater can fire a total of about 400 rounds, the equivalent of 33 reloads, from full condition before breaking.


  • Hunting rifle - The standard variant.
  • Ol' Painless - More powerful variant of the hunting rifle that has a faster reload time, higher fire rate, and deals more damage, but is less durable.
  • Lever-action rifle - Non unique counterpart.
  • Backwater rifle - Unique variant of the lever-action rifle


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Lever-action rifle Gametitle-FO3 PL40
Backwater rifle Gametitle-FO3 PL45
Lincoln's repeater 50
Hunting rifle 25
Ol' Painless 30


Lincoln's repeater is located in the Museum of History. To find it, enter the Museum of History, go through the lobby and enter the room with the statue of a wooly mammoth, left of the skull hanging over the entrance to Underworld. Inside this room, next to the statue of the wooly mammoth, are some doors that lead to the Museum of History lower halls. Go through these doors. Next, go to the top of the stairs into a room with several broken display cases, and in the back left corner of the room will be a door that leads to the Museum of History offices.

After entering the Museum of History offices, go to the top of the stairs. Take a left and then a right. Go to the end of the hall, through the prison door (very easy lock) and into a big room with a turret and a staircase. Go up these stairs. At the top of the staircase, there is a large hole in the wall. Go through the hole, and in the back left corner of the room, is the body of a dead raider on the ground, a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual and then a display case with Lincoln's repeater inside.

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Behind the scenesEdit

This weapon is based on the Henry rifle. The specific example referenced in the game, with its engraved gold mounting and serial number 6, was given to President Lincoln by the New Haven Arms Company in hopes that it would influence the purchase of the rifles for use in the American Civil War. It is currently displayed in the Smithsonian Institute.




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