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The Lil' Tyke Playhouse is a small hut and playground to the southwest of Marguerite's shack in 2277. Its only inhabitants are swampfolk.


The location consists of a small rundown shack with wooden boards keeping it together. A small playground consisting of a rocket playset, a metal slide, and a swing set also surround the playhouse.


  • There is a Red Racer jumpsuit on an ironing board next to the playhouse.
  • There are a couple dozen punga plants in the surrounding area, and the areas to the south over the two bridges (although these areas are both infested with feral ghouls and swampfolk).
  • There is some makeshift bedding against one wall, but due to the high concentration of swampfolk, sleeping here is a dicey proposition, as they will wander into the playhouse as the player character sleeps, and immediately attack when the player character wakes up.


The Lil' Tyke Playhouse appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Behind the scenes

The Lil' Tyke Playhouse is a reference to the toy manufacturing company Little Tikes. They produce easy-to-assemble playhouses as well as children's toys.