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This squad-level support weapon has a bullpup design. The bullpup design makes it difficult to use while lying down. Because of this it was remanded to National Guard units. It, however, earned a reputation as a reliable weapon that packs a lot of punch for its size.

The light support weapon (or LSW) is a big gun in Fallout 2.


This weapon is very similar to the Bozar, but is less powerful. It uses the same ammunition type, but does less damage and fires fewer rounds (10 vs the Bozar's 15) per burst. While outclassed later on in the game, the light support weapon has many advantages over the Bozar for low-level characters. It is much more practical than the Bozar when dealing with multiple, weaker targets (that the Bozar would be overkill on) as it allows engaging three different enemies per magazine rather than the Bozar's two.




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