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This is a transcript for dialogue with Libby Wen.

E05_Caravan (Riding Shotgun)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 0056EFB0 00581EEB Vinny told me you were asking if I could be put on this shift with you. A little annoyed, a little teasing. She's not upset about this, but she's also not cool with it either
3 He even said you were willing to do back to back runs to make it happen. Teasing
7 0056EFB2 00581EE0 Carver. This is the wrong time, I'm the wrong person, and that was definitely the wrong way to do it. Direct, but not shaming.
11 00573E52 00581EF4 You get used to it. Somewhat coldly, somewhat filled with regret.
18 00573E54 00581F10 Definitely not. So keep a tight formation, watch all sides. Don't leave any Brahmin on its own.
26 00573E57 00581ED3 You know exactly what I mean. Let's take it from the top: Hi Carver, how are you today? Trying to be a little reassuring - "listen, you fucked up, it's fine, let's start over."
34 00573E5B 00581EFF Easy now. Don't let them get the drop on us. Creeping forward
46 00573E61 00581EF0 We've got a clearing, now's our chance. Let's move, double time! In combat
48 00573E62 00581EEE Damn! It's an ambush! Hold out here as long as we can! Eyes on our 6, we're prone to an attack from the rear. Entering combat
57 00573E65 00581F0C Just when I starting to like you, Carver... Disappointed in his choice of beer
58 00573E66 00573ED7 Of course I did, but look how I've finally got you talking, Kieran. Tell me, how was your childhood? Teasing
65 00573E67 00581EFB We fought well on that one. Good job, crew. Remind me to buy everyone a round of Blackwater Brew after this is over.
89 00573E6F 00581F07 That's never made a difference to them before. We can't let our guard down.
92 00573E70 00574FF5 And you're lounging around making jokes? Stand ready for a fight! Second part is more of a callout to the entire team
103 00573E74 00574FC6 Okay, that's enough of that. Gentle, like "it's okay kid, chill out"
108 00573E76 00574FD6 That's correct. They'll try to attack from the rear when they see an opening so watch our backs.
116 00573E78 00574FA9 Remember: you'll be paid for what makes it to the other side. Protecting the Brahmin is our top priority.
117 If you spot any loose cargo lying around, we'll provide a bonus, but do not leave those Brahmin vulnerable.
129 00574F2E 00581EDE See the world and all that? Maybe I'm a Marine after all. Dad must be so proud. "See the world" said like an advertisement. With a chuckle. Sarcasm at the end
137 00574F30 00574FD8 Are you implying we're unqualified for this job? Would you like to step down here so I can provide a sample of my qualifications? Irritated
146 00581EB9 00581EE6 Now seems as good a time as any! In combat.
147 00581EBA 00581EDB Solid work, crew. Mission accomplished. Now, let's head outside before more of them show up. formal then more casual at the end
151 00581EBC 00581F04 Not a chance. Tread carefully.
156 00581EBF 00581EE9 Honestly? I just needed a reason to get away from my family for a while.
157 I guess I can count myself lucky to have any family at all... But, I never really found my place with them.
158 My dad was a Marine, and in a way he still is. Like living with a drill sergeant. Mom is no better, she had a military background, too.
159 My brother and sister are more than enough for helping the camp. Not for me. I've always been good at shooting, so I may as well get paid for it.
165 00581EC1 00581ED9 Target eliminated. Well done. The button to open the gate should be up there as well.
167 00581EC2 00581EC9 We're going to have to cut through them. Looks like there's a captain up top. He's our priority target.
170 00581EC5 00581ECD I think you're doing fine, but you hesitate. This route doesn't end well for people who don't want to be here. Not mean, trying to be real
173 00581EC7 00581ECB Is there no one else from your family that can run shipments for you, Carver? Hesitant to bring it up
174 00581EC8 00581ECA Great. A little more chipper
176 00583DA3 00583DA5 Watch our flank, incoming!
183 00591DD8 00574FBD Fall in! The objective is very simple: keep both of these Brahmin safe while en route to the west end of the tunnel.
184 Expect armed resistance-- never been a run that hasn't had it. It'll likely be Blood Eagles, and it can come at any moment. Stay alert.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
10 00573E81 00583924 Understood.
11 00584B44 Damn it, guard those Brahmin! in combat
12 00584B45 The Brahmin are getting hit! Protect them! in combat
13 00584B46 Sniper! Quick, take them out! in combat
14 00584B47 Explosives, incoming! Watch yourselves. in combat
15 00584B48 Area secured. End of combat
16 00584B49 Take out that captain! in combat
18 00584B4C Don't let those Brahmin die, damn it! in combat
19 00584B4D The Brahmin are getting hit. We need to protect them! in combat
20 00584B4E Sniper fire, watch your head. in combat
21 00584B4F Damn. A sniper. Can someone kill it? in combat
22 00584B50 Explosives! Someone find them and deal with it! in combat
23 00584B51 We can't move forward until we've killed that captain. End them! in combat
24 00584B52 We're not going anywhere until that gate is open. in combat
25 00584B53 Hold out as long as you can! We still don't have an opening! in combat
26 00584B54 Hold your fire, it's over. combat over
40 00584D82 Shit. Eyebots. They've rigged them up to explode on contact. Take them out before they reach the Brahmin! in combat
41 00584D83 Exploding Eyebots, incoming! Take 'em out, quick! in combat
47 00584D89 Eyebots incoming! They're a priority target! Kill them before they blow up the Brahmin! in combat
48 00584D8A Spotted Eyebots. Take them out before they can detonate near the Brahmin! in combat
64 00573E9E 00582126 Is there something you need?
77 0058213B The Blue Ridge Caravan Company is looking to hire capable people to assist with shipments. Talk to Vinny if you're interested.
78 0058213C Looking to help out? Head over to the east side of the tunnel and speak with Vinny.
79 0058213D Always happy to provide information ahead of our next run. Anything you need to know?
80 0058213E People like you really make a difference. Helping these caravans get through... it can be felt across Appalachia, you know.
81 0058213F Another run done, another shipment delivered. If my shift were over, I'd say let's grab a drink... but, it's not.
82 00582140 Damn. I really thought we had it. Looks like we both need a little more training before the next run.
113 00574F57 00584B2B Damn it!
114 00584B2C Ngh... I'm hit.
115 00584B2D Taking fire here!
121 00574F5A 00582127 Stay sharp.
125 0058210E 0058211E Originally? Pretty far from here, closer to the capitol. My family has a camp there, but these days I'm mostly traveling with the caravan.
126 00582110 0058211B I'm just a caravan guard. I keep the merchants and their Brahmin safe during their routes.
127 00582114 0058211C What did you want to know?
128 00582116 00582120 Protecting the Brahmin is and always will be our top priority, but we'll pay a bonus for any lost cargo you can recover along the way.
129 But, keep in mind, we haven't been able to secure the deeper parts of the tunnel, so there's no telling what you'll run into.
130 00582118 0058211D This is Big Bend. We, the Blue Ridge Caravan Company, have been using it to move merchants to the west side of Appalachia.
131 Currently, we're trying to carve a path into Appalachia to improve trade and commerce with the settlements here. If you need more, talk to Vinny.