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Elizabeth "Libby" Wen is an employee of the Blue Ridge Caravan Company at Big Bend Tunnel in 2103.


Libby is a guard of the caravan leading brahmin through Big Bend Tunnel during the event Riding Shotgun. She mentions that her family lives in a camp "closer to the capitol."[1] During a conversation with Carver Timmerman, she explains that she wanted to get away from her family, as she was not comfortable in there and thinks that her abilities with guns would be better used escorting caravans.[2]

She also mentions that her parents both had military backgrounds. Her dad was a member of the United States Marine Corps before the Great War, and living with him was like always being around a drill sergeant, even after the bombs dropped. She claims that her mom was "no better," and that she used to escort caravans as well.

Interactions with the player character

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Blue Ridge Caravan outfit


Libby Wen appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


  1. Vault Dweller: "Where are you from?"
    Libby Wen: "Originally? Pretty far from here, closer to the capitol. My family has a camp there, but these days I'm mostly traveling with the caravan."
    (Libby Wen's dialogue)
  2. Libby's dialogue

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