An experiment for determining the ability of canines to form a self-governing society. Basically, the experiment will involve a group of dogs trained to train other dogs to perform typically human run tasks. I've begun training my miniature schnauzer, Riley, to operate vault doors, which I think is a promising start to the experiment. I'd be happy to bring her in any time to demonstrate.— Liam's senior "thesis" proposal[1]

Liam Hornwright was a student at Vault-Tec University in Morgantown before the Great War, and the son of Daniel Hornwright, mining magnate and CEO of Hornwright Industrial Mining Company.


Liam Hornwright did not take his tertiary education very seriously, primarily treating it as an opportunity to party. This did not escape the staff and the words of Dean Harland Elliot "spends the majority of his time in a haze of marijuana." Doing less than the bare minimum and insulting the faculty staff with his proposal quoted above.[2] He was nonetheless retained due to his family connections to Hornwright Industrial and the ire that expelling him would bring meant that his progress at the university was closely monitored. [3]

He also owned a miniature schnauzer named Riley who he had allegedly trained to open vault doors.[4]


Liam Hornwright is mentioned only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Liam's schnauzer, Riley, is a reference to level designer Zachary Wilson's late pet of the same name. Wilson wrote the Liam Hornwright's workstation terminal at Vault-Tec University, which mentions Riley.[5]


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