The Lewisburg terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal in Lewisburg in Fallout 76.

Lewisburg visitor's center terminalEdit


LewsiIcon sicburg Visitor's Center Terminal
Welcome! It's another great day in Lewisburg!

Lewisburg NewsletterEdit


Hello everyone! It's another great day in Lewisburg! The community team has prepared this month's newsletter to inform you of the happenings in Lewisburg!

Sky Gardens - We are overjoyed at the success of our roof garden initiative! The flowers, produce, clean air, and fellowship is something we can all enjoy! If you'd like to be a part of our sky gardens, let Ms. Helene know!

Toxic Ash PSA - Although we are working hard to keep Lewisburg pristine, sometimes the weather isn't always cooperative! Please make sure you wear your gas mask! Feel free to stop by the Visitor's Center for replacement filters!

Art Exhibition - This month, Lacey Malina is exhibiting at the Serenity Road Art Gallery! Please stop by and appreciate her beautiful oil paintings!

Spring Garden Festival - It's almost time for this year's Festival! This Spring, we want to highlight our beautiful sky gardens! Make sure to visit downtown this Saturday for food, flowers, crafts, and live music!

Electronic MailEdit


Network not found!

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