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Lewisburg Station is a location in the town of Lewisburg in Appalachia.


Lewisburg Station was a part of the long-defunct network of train stations along the Red Line. Located on the southern part of Lewisburg, the voting tents were placed right next to the building,[Non-canon 1] and the Lewisburg miner protestors had a presence in the station's surroundings.[Non-canon 2] At one point, it became the hub for operations and trading by the Responders in Lewisburg, but has since been abandoned.


The station lies on the southwestern edge of Lewisburg, sandwiched between State Route 83A and the rail line leading east to Big Bend Tunnel West. Its front entrance lines up with the main road running through Lewisburg, though barricades and wrecked cars interfere with firing down the road at encroaching targets. It contains an armor workbench, punch card machine, stash box and vendor bot.

Notable loot


As of the Locked & Loaded update, a punch card machine was added to all train stations.


Lewisburg Station appears in Fallout 76.


Post-Locked & Loaded



  1. Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia p. 386, LEWISBURG STATION:
    "On the south side of town (by a couple of voting tents) is the railway station offering a brief respite, a place to stash your items, and a trader to barter with. Why not use this as a base camp when exploring this part of the Ash Heap?"
  2. Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia p. 385–386, LEWISBURG:
    "Lewisburg's miners may have been striking along the southern perimeter of town, but the majority of the townsfolk still came out to vote and celebrate Halloween with a festival, complete with stalls and a live band. All that has been replaced with crumbling buildings, dilapidated and faded bunting, and ferocious enemies ready to cut you from gizzard to throat. The town is initially a little mazelike, but most of the fire escapes provide access onto one of the two rooftop garden areas in the center of town (this has an excellent selection of plants to harvest). You can also visit a few of the stores still standing."