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Lewis was a student at Vault-Tec University and a member of the Eta Psi Epsilon Tau Greek society before the Great War.


Like all other Eta Psi members, Lewis was studying for a chemistry-related degree at the university. Lewis was obsessed with Nuka-Cola and had an expansive collection in his room at the Eta Psi House. He also was the self-proclaimed "number 1 Nuka-Cola aficionado in the world."[1] In order to get the funding for his own warehouse to store all of his Nuka-Cola memorabilia, Lewis came up with an idea for a commercial enterprise. He decided to create a distilled spirit mixed with Nuka-Cola, later dubbed Nukashine.[2]

Nukashine was a massive hit with university students, and Lewis worked with Eta Psi president Judy Lowell in expanding its potential. With so much alcohol being produced, Lewis decided that he needed a reliable drink tester. His mother was a General Atomics employee, and Lewis procured a robobrain from her work by methods that he would not explain.[3][4] The robobrain was given the name Biv E. Ridge and was programmed to have a constantly drunk and receptive personality. Eta Psi later built a speakeasy in the basement of Big Al's Tattoo Parlor, also named "The Nukashine," which became Biv's home.[5] With the supply room of the Nukashine locked, Lewis was able to keep its secret ingredient, nuclear material, under wraps.


Lewis is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.


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