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Preacher Levenson (alternatively labeled as "Haven Church EyeBot" in the game files) is a named Eyebot flying randomly throughout Appalachia.


Levenson is an Eyebot met during the Eyebot Evangelist random encounter, spouting religious phrases, inviting one to go to Haven Church.

Preacher Levenson: The time to repent is now! Save your soul before the Reds condemn you to an afterlife of pain and suffering. Hell awaits those who have not sought forgiveness during these dark days! Come to Haven Church and be saved! At Haven Church, we believe all magnitudes of sin may be forgiven. Be it murder, adultery... even Communism. We all deserve a second chance to live free of these burdens. Do you want a guaranteed ticket to Heaven? Then confess your sins and be forgiven! Why carry the weight of past wrongdoings when you can live a guilt free present and future? Is your soul prepared? If our enemies dropped the bomb on us tomorrow, is your seat in Heaven secure? It's never too late for salvation! Find your redemption at Haven Church. The Devil comes in many forms. Learn to recognize the signs! It's not too late to purge the evil from your life! Only the guilty fear death because they have only the flames of Hell to look forward to! At Haven Church, no one denies the sinner forgiveness! There is no burden too heavy, that we cannot lift! No guilt too deep that we cannot expunge! Find your salvation at Haven Church. Wipe the slate clean and be reborn.

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Eyebot Evangelist


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Preacher Levenson appears only in Fallout 76.