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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lev.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
7 00535E56 0053C234 Uch. So the vault cockroach does Meg's dirty work now, eh? He's in pain, but trying to power through it like a tough guy. The player just shot him.
8 0053C235 So the vault cockroach does Meg's dirty work now, eh? He's cornered and he knows it, but he's still acting tough.
59 0053C102 0053C208 How about big middle finger, pointing at you.
60 0053C103 0053C2BC How about you end this. I grow tired of your talking, like yippy little dog.
61 0053C104 0053C2AC You take me for fool, but I am not the one breaking into top secret government installation full of armed guards and deadly machines.
62 0053C106 0053C2B0 Let's talk about how you are spineless whelp who won't shut up already, yes?
63 0053C107 0053C2A2 Who do you think put idea of going feral into Lou's head? Much easier to get away with it if he kills himself.
64 0053C109 0053C2A4 Eh, for now. Old fool will kill himself sooner or later. He doesn't really care.
65 0053C10A 0053C2B7 Are you going to shoot me now, or bore me to death with questions?
67 0053C10C 0053C1DE Boo-fucking-hoo, freak-lover. Mocking the player.
68 0053C10D 0053C217 Da! Only room for strongest, best men in this world. Others have their uses, but they are not equal. Yeah, Lev is a scumbag.
69 0053C10E 0053C2BB Meg is too soft. She take in useless kids, freaks, animals, anyone she feel bad for. Contempt for Meg and her ways.
70 She tells us, "recruitment is better. Kill only for food and supplies." I say we kill for more. Out there, it is kill or be killed. This should sound particularly cold. Lev is an evil dude.
71 0053C110 0053C1C7 Da. Finally. Cold. He's getting sick of the player and just wants them to get this over with.
72 0053C111 0053C2BE Is easy way the one where you shut up and kill me already, please? He's tired of dealing with the player. Now he's trying to egg them on.
73 0053C112 0053C2AE I will not. I would do same to you in this situation.
74 Wait. No. I would not even talk, just kill.
75 0053C113 0053C2A0 Vault is waste of time. I hear talk of gold. Gold is useless.
76 Real value comes from guns, food, ammo, information. I get better offer to ruin your plan.
77 0053C114 0053C2B2 Lou is sad, old, walking corpse. Was easy target. All ghouls should be dead. Disgusted by Lou.
78 Got tired of waiting for him to kill himself, took matters into own hands.
79 He had detonator, which was key to your plans. Kill Lou, get paid to ruin plans? Sounds good to me. He's particularly proud of himself by the end of this line. Amused, even.
80 0053C115 0053C2B5 Opportunity. I was to be paid handsomely to stop you and hand over the detonator.
81 Opportunity to be rid of Meg and other weak, pathetic freaks, animals she takes in. Lots of contempt for Meg and the others.
82 0053C116 0053C2B1 Heh. Maybe I underestimate you. Yet, you still have questions, so maybe you are not as clever as it seems. Impressed that the player managed to just guess his scheme.
83 0053C118 0053C29F You may be quick with hands, but I think wit is lacking. Ask your questions. Prove me right. He concedes that the player has the draw on him, but he's trying to maintain control of the conversation and get into the player's head.
84 0053C11A 0053C2AD It sounds like you are smart enough to realize you may not get answers you wish. But go on, I am amused.
85 0053C11E 0053C2AA Hah, is battle of fortitude then. Ask your questions. We will see who gets tired first. He doesn't think the player has it in them.
86 0053C120 0053C2B9 Afraid? Of you? Is not fear you sense, but... amusement. Let me hear your words. They will amuse me some more. He's actually afraid, but damned if he's going to admit it.
87 0053C122 0053C2A6 Oh, you think you intimidate me with big muscles and idle threats? Go on, let me see if you can form coherent question. More amused than threatened.
88 0053C124 0053C203 No answers. You either grow backbone and kill me, or give up and cry home to mother Meg. He's a stubborn SOB, and mocking the player.
89 0053C126 0053C1D5 No. You grow spine. Take it from my corpse, like true survivor. Inviting the player to kill him and take it. He doesn't think they have the guts to do it.
184 0053C19F 0053C21E Questions. You and your questions. Of course, go on. Maybe you learn something from me, nyet? Scoffing at the player, but not denying them the ability to ask questions.
185 0053C21F Man from Foundation named Rocco.
186 Said he'd pay in guns, ammo, and information. How best to strike Foundation and take for ourselves. Something Meg would never do.
187 Hey, maybe you kill Rocco now? I don't give a fuck. He really doesn't care what the player does now that he knows he's done for.
190 0053C2A8 Hurry up and get over with it.
233 0054192B 0054192F I am no coward, like you. You want it? Kill me is only option. Said with a sense of malice. He wants to bring the player to his level.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
7 0056F789 00585963 I see Meg will let anybody join us now, even inexperienced, soft, vault dweller.
8 00585964 Nyet, I have nothing to say to you.
9 00585965 I hear about your vault plan. Interesting. Strange Meg would trust you. He disapproves.
10 00585966 Watch back, vault dweller. Many here do not like your kind.
11 00585967 Here you are again to bother me, svolach. Piss off. svolach = Russian for scum/jerk
88 005834BE 0059EEF7 Unless you're here to pay me, fuck off.
302 0059EEE6 0059EEF4 Das Vadanya.
303 0059EEE7 0059EEF0 Why bother? So long as they stay out of our way, we'll let them live.
304 At least until we're ready to take what they have.
305 0059EEE8 0059EEF5 From Russia, before the war. But I like it here. Americans are so soft. Such easy prey.
306 0059EEE9 0059EEF1 Always. Anyone that gets in my way... well, that doesn't happen twice.


(Rocco and Lev's deal, To Meg and Crater freaks)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
16 0056F9FC 0056FA18 Know this. We will gain more men. We will come back, powerful. Then we will wipe you, and all your freaks off map. Sleep tight, blyat. "blyat" is a Russian swear for "whore"
17 0056F9FD 0056FA11 Surge and Fisher know how stupid plan is, and how terrible leader you are, so they come with me. Leave you behind with freaks and losers.
18 0056F9FE 0056FA1D When I hear you invite in that cockroach, and want to go off on some ridiculous vault heist to find gold, I call that last straw.
19 0056F9FF 0056FA24 I know this because you are weak, ineffective leader. You could not lead gang out of wet paper bag. Too weak. Too stupid. Too cowardly.
20 0056FA00 0056FA32 Meg, I know you will find this tape. Also know we will be gone long time when you find it.
21 00583116 00583129 Lev. Now put recorder away. You have alcohol in this shithole? We will drink to seal deal. Still cold and not impressed with Rocco.
23 00583118 0058312A Look. As long as you pay up after job is done, I won't regret not killing you when we found you. He doesn't care about Rocco's plan.
24 Can always come back to that if you are lying about stash. Threatening.
26 0058311A 00583121 No. Vault gold is useless. You will see. Ammo, weapons. That is new world currency. To hell with gold. He doesn't care about Rocco's plan.
28 0058311C 00583122 Yes, yes. I get location of gun stash, you get to go on foolish endeavor. He doesn't care about Rocco's plan.
32 0058311E 0058312B Whatever. You do what you want. Is worthless anyway. Now, go on. Let us talk payment. He doesn't care. He knows he could just end this guy if he wants to.
34 00583120 00583125 What are you doing? No need for tape. Annoyed. Why the heck is the other guy recording this conversation?